There are opportunities this week for game testers! Monday is a whole day devoted to game testing and I'd love your help. Will be online and will be controlling my computer. You will need a mic so I can hear your feedback. Interested? Take a look at the test below and get in touch with me either here or via email at ASAP!

*Test 004 and 005 on Monday! All day long until 8PM EST.

Type A. You're a big fan of games, played different types of games before, familiar with common game mechanisms, and you tend to skip the story dialogues to get into the meat of the game.
Type B. You've been playing a single online web game for over half a year, and you play it weekly at least.Type C. You're just starting to pick up social games online, and so you perhaps might not know much about games but have plenty of time and willing to play for entertainment. You might take more time to read over details/dialogues of characters carefully. To get versed in the game, they tend to look over details/dialogues carefully.
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