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+Matias Duarte this is my absolute Nr. 1 design wish for future Android versions.
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If you use Apex or Nova launcher you can do this by changing how many rows and columns there are.
Cool, There are some great ideas in some of these launchers. But I still wish that the widgets in AOSP launcher just dock into each other instead of forcing all this space. It uses up real estate and it also simply looks ugly.
I think most people would think it was too cluttered so they probably won't change it on the default launcher. But the great thing about Android is that you can usually find a way to set it up the way you want.
Don't kow . Aren't windows 8 tiles basically just widgets without gaps? There are a lot of things I dislike about Win8, but the tiles don't look cluttered to me.
The Windows 8 tiles have the empty space on the tiles. (margin vs. spacing)
+Wolfgang Freiler good point. But IMHO that's still less ugly than the gaps. And I'm not saying we need the same solution as in Metro. I'm sure we could come up with something better than what is seen in the screenshot I posted.
Hmm, if you divide the screen space into 6x8 tiles, assign a number of tiles to each widget and paint the background of the assigned tile area could really improve it. I think the problem is not the empty space, but the slightly varying sizes of the widget. especially the second from above looks strange.
+Wolfgang Freiler I couldn't agree more with your last point. The varying size of widgets within their tile real estate is the biggest ugly-factor for me. A standard here would be nice. Since we have Nova launcher and resizable widgets, the rest of the issues can be reasonably solved.
More importantly, apps should provide widgets that are of the same width, height and font.
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