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Some saved NSManagedObject has displayInLibrary = nil

Alright, let’s try query for that object using the predicate:
“displayInLibrary == YES”

No results, alright makes sense. Let’s try:
“displayInLibrary == NO”

Hmm, still no results. I guess Core Data doesn’t adhere to Obj-C’s nil (pointer) to BOOL type coercion semantics. Fair enough, I suppose nil is not necessarily NO. Alright, let’s try:
“displayInLibrary != YES”

Wait... what!? Still no results!


Go home, Core Data. You're drunk!

Public service announcement - Android Studio 0.8.2

If you just updated to 0.8.2 and you're suddenly consistently getting weird runtime crashes, such as ClassNotFoundException on launch. Then you need to execute:

    ./gradlew clean

or, if you're not using the Gradle wrapper (assuming gradle is in your PATH):

    gradle clean

"Clean Project" and/or "Rebuild Project" in Android Studio 0.8.2 do not seem to do the trick.

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Freaking out a bit here... Just updated to Android Studio 0.8.2 and I'm suddenly getting ClassNotFoundException on launch for the main activity of one of my apps when it is built with 0.8.2. This exact code (and several old commits) are all failing in the same way now, despite them all building and executing fine with 0.8.1.


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Kogan are intentionally violating the GPL with respect to the Linux kernel, U-Boot and other software running on their Android devices. Can I please get your help?

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There was an issue (or two) with the OS X  #Heimdall  Suite 1.4.0 package that I released yesterday. The issue meant that the binaries completely failed to execute on most systems.

I've uploaded a new package now that should address the issue. If you do encounter any problems please report them over at the Heimdall Github page (

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The Heimdall 1.4.0 source is now available on Github ( I've been looking into running a private instance of the OpenSUSE based "Open Build Service" to produce Linux packages, but haven't had a heap of luck thus far. I'll make an official announcement on the Glass Echidna website once packages for all supported platforms have been made available.

However, seems as I did indicate to a Windows user or two that binaries would be available by now; I've uploaded the Windows build early -

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