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Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Deutschland, Schweiz, Ghana, Kongo, Philippinen, Thailand, ...

Ps: Danke Waldi für Deinen letzten Model-Job ;)


Korea, China, Vietnam,Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Germany, Schweiz, Ghana, Kongo, Philippinen, Thailand,...

edit: thx waldi for ur last model job
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This article is about human consumption of dog flesh and parts.
I did not know so many places consume dog flesh.
Thanks for sharing Benjamin
Oy... armer Waldi. :( Ein Bild zum zweimal hinschauen.
Gotta look twice to see the nose. :)
Upsss... Hot Dog in flüssiger Form ;o) Nice work!
I live in Thailand and most Thais do not eat dogs. About a month ago, a man, with hundreds of dogs in his truck, was arrested. It was on headlines for many days. Finally he was sentenced to eight months in prison because he had no license to sell/carry dogs. It was believed that he was selling the dogs to Vietnam, of course to be eaten.

The man appealed. The case is still pending.

I think that the judge was influenced by the media saying that eating dogs is against our thai culture. Or maybe he has a dog and gets a bias mind. Selling dogs without a license is only a minor offence and we have many other serious crimes to care about.
From what I have been able to gather - from my relatives - eating dog meat is a southern Chinese tradition. With immigration and commerce, like alot of Chinese traditions, these were brought into the many countries that these Chinese travelled to and become something of the norm - South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and basically any other country with a Chinese population. (BTW I'm Thai but have Chinese ancestry in my family)
the background contains many japanese characters but japanese wont eat dog ...
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