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$300 off all Pixelbooks at the Google Store right now.

WOW... I just got access to Google's Project Stream to play Assassin's Creed in the browser. It plays INCREDIBLE on the original Samsung Chromebook Plus. This is going to open up TONS of gaming possibilities on the Chromebook.

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Did I just find something... or has the URL over on the Google Store always been this way?

When clicking on the "Laptops" link... the url now says "laptops_tablets"... and I thought it had only said "laptops". Does this mean there is a tablet getting ready to show up? Or have I missed that URL all along?

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How did I not know this???? I've been using this great Logitech Bluetooth M557 mouse with my chromebook for a while now and I only just now realized that the "Windows" button on the mouse pulls up the Chromebook Launcher. It's like my life just became that much more complete!!! Do people have other favorite "workflow" tricks they use with their Chromebooks that I'm missing out on?

Google store has the $250 off sale going on for "back to school" on the 128GB Pixelbook again. (Lasts till September 3rd)

So with all the rumors flying now about the "next" Pixelbook... I thought we could all put our wish list out there.
- Min 8GB RAM
- USB Type-C
- Integrated LTE through Google Fi (this would be awesome, basically making it always connected everywhere)
- 3:2 Aspect Ratio (even though most rumors I've found are 16:9)
- Fingerprint / biometric / facial scanner
- I'd love an SD card slot... but as long as it has 256GB or more I'm okay.
- Reduced bezels from the current pixelbook.
- Google Assistant
- Pen slot in the pixelbook (similar to the samsung chromebook pro/plus)

(Don't really care if its a detachable keyboard or not)

The big ones I'm hoping for is integrated LTE/Google Fi, Fingerprint/Biometrics, and 3:2 ratio.

What is your "wishlist"?

Quick 3:2 conversation: I personally prefer 3:2 for screens and I wanted to find a list of all 3:2 Chromebooks. Either I must be looking in the wrong places or it doesn't exist in an easy to find location. So I thought I'd "crowdsource" here to pull together the list of all Chromebook that use 3:2 screens.
- Pixelbooks
- Samsung Chromebook Plus (original)
- Samsung Chromebook Pro
- Acer Spin 13 & 15

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Logically, the new "notification" control icon doesn't make any sense. This icon (indicated below) means that ALL notifications are ON. If you click it, it turns blue and the cross-line disappears. It feels like it is reversed. Because the icon below tells me "no notifications allowed". But its actually saying "No, do NOT block notifications." Weird.

CR-48 -> HP14 -> TB2 -> Flip -> CB+ -> Pixelbook -> CB+

What is your Chromebook journey?

Crazy thought... But I've always found Google+ more useful than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn combined. Google+ allows you to easily follow and interact on specific topics of interest.
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