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Well don't waste your time sending a Samsung Chromebook Plus to be repaired because they'll just go through a VERY simple checklist and then declare they couldn't reproduce the issue. I had been having an issue of typing a document and then all of a sudden it became possessed and started cycling through tabs, minimizing/maximizing the browser. It became unusable. I explained it to the repair people, included a video of the issue occurring, yet they do nothing and send it back. I open up the returned box... and within 25 seconds it starts to do it again. What a WASTE. Anyone want to buy a possessed laptop?

One of the unexpected benefits of using a Chromebook with the Play Store/Android support out of the box are the notifications. I didn't realize how useful that would be. By using several of the Android mail and productivity apps, I get notifications right on the Chromebook's toolbar. This allows me to stay focused on my work and don't have to "check" other tabs to see if a response has been made. This also seems to allow me to keep the number of Chrome tabs I've kept open in the past to a minimum. Just thought I'd share this unexpected benefit to my workflow. (Still enjoying my Samsung Plus.)

I went to pick up a Samsung Chromebook Plus from Best Buy this morning. And I had to share my first impressions. And these impressions are based on someone who has been using Chromebooks since Google sent me my first CR-48.

* The screen is BEAUTIFUL. So crisp and has a lot of brightness (if desired). I've also used a Toshiba Chromebook 2 which has been widely regarded as an excellent Chromebook screen.

* The conversion between laptop to tablet feels really good.

* The keyboard feels nice and responsive and I immediately felt comfortable with it. Though I can tell that its slightly smaller, but I assume that feeling will leave after a while.

* It felt like Google/Samsung hit a homerun when I opened the laptop and the setup including the Android Play Store. (I'll be testing a few of the Android apps soon. Most of the apps I use are business/productivity... so not much gaming.)

* The stylus/pen felt really useful, especially when using it to take a screenshot and then annotate that screenshot in Google Keep.

* Playback of movies are extremely smooth and works great using a Chromecast to push the movie to the big screen.

* Oh... I also LOVE the ability to plugin in the USB-C charging cable on either side of the laptop. Makes moving around the house and sitting in different chairs much easier.

Overall I'm extremely impressed. But the most impressive part right now is the screen. For me and how I work, the screen is amazing.

Anyone else fighting the urge to pickup a Chromebook this weekend because you're waiting to see if the Samsung Chromebook Pro is actually all its cracked up to be?

State's Rights matter! There I said it. The rights of an individual state are important in the landscape of the union. One of the reasons the 13 colonies came together and were able to become a union was that there were certain guarantees that the rights of the individual states still hold value in the union.

One of the things that seems to be lost in this election cycle is the importance of that state's rights value. When anyone runs for the office of the presidency of the United States they understand there are certain ground rules that dictate where the "finish line" is located. So, the candidate that is able to pool together the most coalition of states will win the election. This is why California has more electoral votes... because it represents more citizens of the union. Its also why New Hampshire has 4 electoral votes, because it has fewer citizens of the union residing within its border. BUT here's the important part that the framers of the constitution where focused on. New Hampshire's state rights are important... just as California's state rights are important.

If a candidate only focuses on gaining the popular vote they are denying the rights of individual states of being important in this union of states. Winning the popular vote is like Clemson gaining 630 total yards on offense vs Pittsburgh's 464 total yards, yet Pittsburgh wins the game because they scored more points. The total yards don't determine the outcome of the game. Same as the popular vote of an election doesn't determine the outcome of the vote.

The electoral college exists and is important to anyone who value's the individual state's right to have a say and position within the union of states.


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I'm curious… Apple TV vs Chromecast vs Roku vs Xbox vs PS4 vs Nvidia Shield vs something else. Which device do you use/prefer for enhancing your TV?

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For a long time GotoMeeting was holding a bunch of people back from going "full Chromebook" and recently I discovered that you can now host meetings using a Chromebook using their new web app.

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I love how easy it is to programmatically pull placeholder images during the dev cycle with - All completely free stock/placeholder images.
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