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consequentii imprudentii prima sunt
consequentii imprudentii prima sunt


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Gu with fresh animate vineaform cutting

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Counselor Gu

Martial Encounter Therapy

Every species relates to one another differently, processes grief differently, and balances a different set of innate impulses against social strictures. Likewise, as social species, Federation member peoples share some psychology, and as cultures share and blend, adopt some of the customs and ways of being of their fellows.

One striking way this affects the counselor's duties is in how they address a patient's relationship with violence and pain, particularly in species with strong physiological and cultural links with both. In some cases, the gentleness and care one might take with a Deltan is contraindicated, and when treating a Klingon, one must be cruel to be kind.

Treating a Klingon patient is a highly kinetic experience. As a species, Klingons enjoy high mind/body integration, and rarely suffer from issues like body dysmorphia. Klingons also enjoy a famously high tolerance for pain and injury, such that the typical pain aversion response is much lower than a Terran human's. But as a result, a therapeutic approach that does not engage a Klingon physically is unlikely to produce results.

So a good counselor must be able and willing to sometimes break a patient's nose with a headbutt, or give them a knife scar they can touch when they need to feel in control.

Martial Encounter Therapy combines the comradeship and trust of shared hardship with violent oppositional action and what appears to be a brutal form of talk therapy. Patient and counselor brawl, duel, wrestle, or trade blows, while the counselor inveigles and insults, demands answers, demands the patient refute with words and violence. For species unused to this mode of healing, it seems barbaric and damaging. To those species who're disposed to respond to this therapy, it is life saving.

Betazed Bonsai

The meditative art-form called 'betazed bonsai' by one of the Federations first ambassadors to the world bears more of a philosophical similarity to the Terran custom than a practical one. Both involve carefully shaping plants, but there the practices diverge. Where the Earth custom involves the careful trimming, arrangement, and potting of trees to create a contemplative experience for a viewer, the Betazed tradition involves the more literal training of certain semi-animate vīneaforms with a meditative telepathic communion.

The vīneaforms gradually take on an shape which invokes a thought and feeling withing a viewer, capturing a moment of the artist's internal experience in a living shape. Once past their motile growth phase, vīneaforms become relatively immobile, and if properly cared for, can live for generations, carrying the captured moment of the artist's thoughts on past their life.

The practice is usually pursued in relative isolation, as while in their malleable growth stage, semi-animate vīneaforms are highly responsive to mental impulses, and can even shape themselves to reflect the emotions of non-telepaths. Some species of vīneaform are allowed to grow freely, and sometimes worn or carried as something between pets and accoutrements.

Terul Gu
Rank Lt.Cmd (4) - honorary
Position Counselor
Background/Species Betazoid grief and trauma specialist, former Neuropsychological Dysfunction Modeler with Planetary Inquisitoriat (space cop psyche profiler)
Terul Gu is a little older than ship average, and looks older still. His former career with the Betazoid PI left him with stress-induced psycholoigical trauma, and a desire to save lives rather than live inside the minds of those who take them. As a Neuropsychological Dysfunction Modeler, Gu built complex living models of criminal minds within his own, and interrogated them as part of the PI's investigations into criminal acts. The Betazoid people regard criminality as a sign of neurological dysfunction, and are supremely well equipped to treat such conditions... after criminals are captured. Gu's ability to model other minds within his own is exceptional, but ultimately nearly killed him. He now uses this ability to counsel the grieving, and to deliver terrible news about diagnosis or the death of loved ones in the kindest way possible. Behind his back, they call him Mr. Bad News . Being a telepath, he knows it, but being polite, he says nothing.

His rank is somewhat honorary, as his rank withing the civilian PI doesn't have a Star Fleet equivalent. He wears a com badge, but no rank pips. His personal style of dress has been called 'funereal' . In his off hours, he enjoys bonsai, meditation, and the solitude of free climbing.

Trauma 3

Ships of Discovery

Let's aggregate good quality images of ships and other vessels under one topic. I've been trying to find good images, but there are not many out there right now for ships other than Discovery itself.

1x05 Choose Your Pain

Alright, another episode thread to do general discussion of the latest.

As usual, sound off once you've seen it, and I'll leave off spoilers in the opening post.

Got a stupid fan theory to float at y'all.

spoil space, just in case I'm right and/or you find fan theories annoying (as I usually do).

Alright, as if Episode 4, we see Voq son of nada being shipped off to undergo some kind of trial, training, or alteration at the hands of the 'matriarchs' in order to get the juice he needs to win. The price? "everything"

I'm not the first to speculate that this means he'll be getting modified to look like a TOS klingon as part of some scheme. And what a price, for somebody obsessed with pure klingon identity, and somebody already touchy from having been rejected his whole life as a houseless mutant.

But remember in Trouble with Tribbles about the surgically altered Klingon sabatuer agent? That's totally a thing. Klingons altering themselves to infiltrate the Federation, perhaps taking on human traits to out-think them.

So what if that's the play here?

L'Rell is of a particularly sneaky house - a dirty tricks and spying house.

So what I think we're going to see is Voq, looking human, infiltrating the Discovery itself, to perhaps be revealed by the tribble on Lorca's desk. Maybe only as a nod to the audience, as nobody would know at that point that tribbles hate klingons and vis versa.

1x04 The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry

Thread for all things Ep4.

I'll have more detailed thoughts later on. Fire off yours when you've had the chance to watch.

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