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Ok i guess i understand that a new title takes priority but fans have been begging for years for a Final Fantsy 7 remake. Square-Enix is interested in sales and money, bottom line, so that is where i disagree with that mentality.

Your opinions?
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I don't want a remake of FF VII, I want a remaster.
How about they finish games in the main series first. They used to take a year or two between games. Now it takes several if we're lucky. If that's a strategy for money or the bottom line, I'd like to figure out the logic behind it
I also d´ont want a Remake. FF7 was my first Final Fantasy and it is the Videogame I love the most. With such a great Story and Atmosphere and so cool Charakters. It is cool with the old graphics. Only thing to remaster in my opinion: The german Translation. There are so many errors and sentences that make no sense.
Better graphics would be cool for final fantasy seven but it would ruin part of the epicness and love of the game. The fact that its old school, and that i grew up with this game, brings back fond memories that a remake would just not have.
See I don't agree with that. If you like the classic it will always be there. This won't change the classic in the least.
I suppose if they only updated the graphics it would be fine. But a remake emplies change. Add features, take some away, it would be a different game in the same world as FF7. I currently cant think of a remake lol. I know the older final fantasy games have had remakes, and they change... i think FF1 was changed when it went from SNES to PSX.
I understand what you mean but the way I see that is if someone wants to play the original they can on it's original platform or direct port.
Yea. I have a PS2 and the original. But still a remake somehow feels wrong. The game has stood the test of time and is still popular today. But perhaps, those who care for graphics, and refuse to enjoy the game because it was made in 95 or 97 would be able to enjoy it with improved graphics. All this talk has made me crave coldstone icecream lmao.
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