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Ok i guess i understand that a new title takes priority but fans have been begging for years for a Final Fantsy 7 remake. Square-Enix is interested in sales and money, bottom line, so that is where i disagree with that mentality.

Your opinions?
Designer Tetsuya Nomura says focus is on new titles rather than remakes.
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I don't want a remake of FF VII, I want a remaster.
How about they finish games in the main series first. They used to take a year or two between games. Now it takes several if we're lucky. If that's a strategy for money or the bottom line, I'd like to figure out the logic behind it
I also d´ont want a Remake. FF7 was my first Final Fantasy and it is the Videogame I love the most. With such a great Story and Atmosphere and so cool Charakters. It is cool with the old graphics. Only thing to remaster in my opinion: The german Translation. There are so many errors and sentences that make no sense.
See I don't agree with that. If you like the classic it will always be there. This won't change the classic in the least.
I understand what you mean but the way I see that is if someone wants to play the original they can on it's original platform or direct port.
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