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Credit Card Hijack Alert - if you run a Magento website, this is worth reading.

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Magento Websites Alert!

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Anyone looking for PCI help?  Try our PCI Surgery!

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Top 10% of Hubspot Customers Convert 90.57% Of Their Leads To Customers

It’s interesting to take note of the 5000 +HubSpot conversions metrics: 

Top 10% of HubSpot Customers get's 148,240 visits, 7.6% visitors convert to leads, they have 11,262 inbound leads, lead to customer conversion is 90.57% with 10,200 monthly customers. 

*The top 50% convert more than 427 customers from 33 978 web visitors. See the results from Hubspot below. *

+HubSpot is the solution provider | recommend for the marketing agency business plan I am busy with.

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Foregenix offer for Magento websites looking for ways to secure their online business!
Magento websites offered protection from web attacks

5% of websites scanning themselves using the free scanner at have been compromised by rogue modules. With the number of websites scanning themselves growing rapidly, so too are the numbers of compromised websites.

e-Commerce businesses are seeing a significant increase in traffic and the resulting business - with Christmas around the corner, the numbers are about to grow even quicker (all being well!).  

This is great news for the industry; however, on the flip side of the coin, forensic businesses like Foregenix are seeing growing numbers of SME businesses getting hacked and having their data stolen – a nightmare scenario for any SME (think reputation damage, legal and compliance costs, card scheme fines, fraud liabilities etc).

Deploying effective security on a website will deter over 95% of the most prevalent attacks, making business online safer and far more profitable.

The kind of security controls that websites should have to protect their business, their client personal data and their client payment data are:
 *- Advanced Web Application Firewall* – properly configured and managed, a web application firewall will deter the vast majority of website attacks.
 *- File Change Monitoring* – changes made to a website are ok if they are made by you/your developer. Changes are NOT ok if neither of you made them.  You need to know when something changes on your website.
 *- Log monitoring* – storing a log of all activity on your website is key to detecting attacks and enabling you to defend. 
 *- Cardholder data scans* – any sign of unprotected credit or debit cardholder data on your website is a strong sign of problems. A cardholder data scan will pick up issues quickly so that they can be dealt with before you have a bigger problem of data theft to deal with.
 *- Malware Protection* – you invest a lot time and money in getting your SEO working as well as possible.  With your high visitor numbers, your’re a perfect target for criminals to use to distribute malware. If this happens, you will very quickly find that all your SEO efforts and investment will amount to nothing as your site gets blacklisted by the search engines. You need to protect your website (and your visitors) from this threat.

Foregenix provides all of this protection and more with our Web Shield solution – in a simple to deploy package that our support team are on standby to help you with.

We’re making Web Shield – eStore Protect (our top end solution) FREE for all Magento websites to use for 30 days – there is no obligation at all (no credit card needed).

Web Shield is simple to deploy (and remove if you’re not satisfied with it!) and provides enterprise-grade security for small to medium sized businesses – security that most small to medium sized businesses do not have.  

Within hours of having Web Shield deployed, you will become aware of the threats that your website faces daily.  As an example, we have found that the average time between deploying Web Shield and having it block an attack is under 1 hour.   

To take advantage of this offer, please email with subject  “Web Shield For Magento” and we’ll get you protected.  (Or reply to this post on Google+)

This offer is available until 31 December 2014.

For information on Web Shield – eStore Protect

To scan your Magento website for rogue modules

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5% of Magento websites scanned at have been hacked and compromised

With hundreds of Magento-hosted e-businesses at risk from fraudulent hackers through the use of rogue plug-ins, an online website security scanner has confirmed 5% of 350 websites tested have been compromised. 

Following an investigation into breached ecommerce merchants, Foregenix identified the fake plug-ins running on the Magento platform, posing a threat of data compromise to ecommerce businesses. 

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e-Commerce Fraud in the UK jumps 23% in comparison with 2013 data.  With 74% of Britons spending online, British e-Comm businesses are seeing a boom.  But evidently so are hackers - SMB businesses need to harness the boom times with a secure website!

Interesting read:£1745m/ar-BB3mOVn 

For enterprise-grade website protection and monitoring for SMB e-Commerce Businesses, go to Foregenix Web Shield:

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