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Yeah, we did it - maxdome Android relaunch! Beaten the iOS team by a couple of days :)

Thanks to +Angelo Rüggeberg, +Stephan Drescher, Alexander Jentz, +Dirk Eisold, +Philipp Engel, Manfred Sans, Michael Knoppik, +Benedikt Bille, +sergej shafarenka, Marc Neumann, and all the others developers I forgot that worked on the relaunch!

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Appeal Type: Rejected New Submission
Portal Title: Sonnenuhr
Location: Max-Anderl-Straße 64B, 85375 Neufahrn, Germany
Coordinates: 48.318454, 11.667727

Hi there,

this portal exists as permanent art on one of the walls in Neufahrn.
It is neither only temporary nor is it only accessible by crossing private property.
It is a sundial and i have seen plenty of them around as portals ;)
The street in front of this portal (you get as close as you want) is even a "Spielstraße" or "Verkehrsberuhigter Bereich" - that means: Cars aren't allowed to go faster than 7km/h and you always have priority as pedestrian. So there is no danger for the players (i know worse portals where you nearly risk your life to capture them).

About 5-6 agents tried to submit it and they all can prove that it is there, that it is in place and that it is worth a portal.
But all got rejected.
So here is my appeal.

Best regards from Bavaria - Germany

Agent Marftulok
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w00t? O.o

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Go for it ;)
Resistance Agents, if you are coming to the XM Anomaly in Munich on the 27th of September, this is the site for your registration.
Check out the official event page:  

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Karlsruher müsste man sein ... 

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Klingt jetzt so mal ganz geil.

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Here are my 3 #ingressrecruits .
Agent @AlxingerEngel, @Lepusa and @Valanice.

I had to wear this ridiculous ears .

+Ingress +NIA Ops 
Ingress Recruits
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Hier wird sogar Werbung für euch gemacht ;)
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