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Origin of Humans

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Insert "some" between "What" and "Christians".
That is a pretty warped view of "What Christians Think". Clearly created by someone and posted by someone that lacks all knowledge of Christianity.  But I'll give you  a free pass for the sake of Ignorance and Humor.
Ok, this was really funny, but for clarification, Creationism does not contradict biology, paleontology, genetics, or archaeology and I know several Christians who believe in both. 
If we truly evolved from monkeys like you believe where did the monkeys come from. Everything has a beginning!
There is a God, He loves you, He wants to have a relationship with you.
He came in the form of a sinless man (Jesus) died on the cross and rose again.  He acceded to Heaven and is coming back.  

What you do with this information is entirely up to you.   Ignore it, rail against it, accept it.

I am only instructed to provide this information, I am not responisble for the results.

Have a blessed Day.  
I was commenting on the post. I believe in GOD.
It's true because before Christ??? How could he had made the World when he wasn't even alive??
U forgot the annunaki intervention after step 1
Why do some Christians say "GOD" in all caps? 
I love how people come out with their claws on a silly joke.

Why waste your time and energy being offended? Live and let live.
Liz Bates
OK, for you people who obviously don't understand anything about Christianity, here it goes: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are all one triune Godhead. We did not evolve from apes and just fyi, EVERY SINGLE Paleontologist That supposedly found geological evidence for evolution has admitted that they faked it before they died. Jesus came down to earth to seek and save those who were lost by dying on the cross and taking the punishment for anyone who will accept him. You could be saved too! All you have to do is admit you are a sinner and try not to sin, believe in Jesus Christ, and you know what? In addition to having your sins forgiven, you will receive eternal life. However, I also have a warning. This should not be taken lightly. If you choose to accept him, your life will not be easy. You will be hated for your love and persecuted for your joy. I assure you though, this is the best decision I've ever made, and I know where I'm going when I die.
I guess when everyone thought the earth was flat and you could sail off the edge they were right too. Our perhaps when everyone thought earth was the center of the universe...that made it true also.
+David Robertson only one species of ape evolved into humans.
all the evidence in the world points to evolution, which is why I believe it. if new evidence arose which proved creationism to be true, then I would acknowledge so and immediately change my perspective. what is wrong with reason and logical thinking?
Liz Bates
I wish there was a -1 button for some of these comments. I am saddened that so many people have no idea of the truth. One thing I can say is, Adam and eve is literal. If you REALLY study the bible you'll see.
+Unique Rakim then how was god created? where was his beginning?
Come on now, but we all know that God created man a few thousand years ago when we lived with dinosaurs, unicorns, the easter bunny, Santaclause and all that riffraff... #sarcasm
All I can say is there's one possible explanation.  Aliens came down to Earth and did one of 2 things.  Either had sex with us or through genetics they mutated our DNA so we can become smarter and be able to do what we have done today.  You can't tell me that we lived in caves up until 6-7000 years ago and BOOM! We knew exactly how to build 3 gigantic pyramids precisely in the middle of the longitude and latitude lines of Earth that directly correspond to Orion's belt.    All those stories from Greek mythology?  Yeah, all those are real.  Giants, Half man, half humans, mermaids... All those were tests by Aliens to see if they could make better creatures. Just sayin'.. 

Nobody has to believe me but I stand in what I believe.  The only "god" people have praised all these years have been aliens.  "Beings from above that will come back" So no, Jesus will not come back, it will be a 3-4ft green-gray little dude on a space ship.
+Liz Bates I am sad that some commenters on this post can't see the truth either. I include you among them. can you back up your claim that all paleontologists faked their evidence? and it isn't just paleontologists. did you even look at the picture? biology, genetics. everything points towards evolution. you can see it all around us every day. 
+Liz Bates, could you supply us with the research and data to prove your statement that "Every Paleontologist" has recounted their findings for the case of evolution. 
Waste of breath 1) Arguing with something that has been proven.
Waste of breath 2) Arguing with people who are arguing with something that has been proven.
Evolution is a theory, and there are some serious scientific criticism on it. The theory has already been modified, since Darwin proposed it, in the light of new research. It should not be presented as a fact and opponents should not be condemned straight away.
Only if a few million years. 
Haha. Some people here would prefer calling their ancestors monkeys. Funny, seeing how ignorant they are, (maybe it's true) XD
Why does everyone want to disprove Christianity but no other religion is ever mentioned? Why is it that everyone attacks Christianity only, but hardly any Christians ever actually attack evolutionism? Especially when there is just as much evidence against evolutionism as they claim is against Christianity? Why are people who believe in evolution always trying so hard to make Christians look dumb or prove them wrong when most Christians mind there own business? If they share God with you then they are trying to help you. Whether you want to believe what they believe is one thing, but to make fun of people who feel they are trying to help you is awful in my book. I know there are Christians who push too hard but most don't. Most will share God with you and if you tell them to stop, the do. If you want to put all Christians in a group because of a small amount then no one should complain about people being prejudice because that's what you are being when you do that. You can NEVER fault someone for trying to help you. If you do, then you deserve whatever happens to you.
This is stupid, if this were true wouldn't there be half monkey half humans existing now? 
I'm a Christian and I believe in evolution. We're not all ignorant or idiots. On the other hand, I know many atheists who believe in aliens, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster and the like. 
+Liz Bates don't forget that he was also king David and in another religion a Korean named asanghong, so how do you know what's real? I'm glad that your comfortable with needing religion to help you explain the, in reality, unexplainable. For those of us that just see evolution as a more reasonable answer, how are we bad? "God" created us to be individuals and do what we think we should do and no matter what we will be forgiven because we can't get in trouble for doing what we were put on earth for: living and making our own choices.
Marc Byrd
Fun fact. When you argue in the internet, no one wins. .
Even if it is true that we evolved, which I personally know is not true, why do you try to make fun of us?  Why do you try to convince us that our views are wrong?  Is the reason you don't believe in God because you don't want to face up for what you have done with your life?  I could go on about many things that disprove the evolution theory, such as:  Gravity wears off, gravity would've absolutely crushed anything living as long ago as secular scientists say.  Radio Carbon dating could've been altered by the Biblical Flood.  Many things, but I won't do that.
The "what acutely happened" should be a '?'. Evolution is still a THEORY for a reason.
Daryl K
And we're all products of incest?
What happens when you meet God and find out evolution was wrong? Yikes!
Hey go is real anyone who thinks other wise is just still a homosapien
Had to say that
Jordan Beachy, lol. "Gravity wears off..." 

Not only don't you understand the the
ory of evolution, you don't even understand gravitational theory. You should be embarrassed.
^ Question: Have you ever heard of the term "entropy?" It is the levels of disorder within the universe. Anything could alter the results of radio-carbon dating. You know, you seem like a devout Christian. I am an atheist. If you would like, I would love to talk about our different viewpoints. Maybe we can come to a common understanding here.
And no other religion believes in creation ? Bash Christians and hide behind your pseudo intellect. In the end it matters more where you are headed that where you came from.
Ha ha ha. Good point +Brian Van Dyck - Also, clearly created and posted by someone who lacks any reasonable knowledge of Science.
@Matt: I think you need to understand the definition of what a scientific theory is.
I agree with +Marc Byrd . Which is why i don't argue online anymore. People have belief systems, and that's fine. Sometimes, those belief may or may not allow them to except certain facts about how the universe works. Or simply compartmentalize. It doesn't really affect there lives, so leave them be. I guess instead focus on what's important. Helping each other in times of adversity.

Well FUCK you i don need another know it all jack ass telling me what i think happened !
science is guesswork. i wouldn't base an absolute statement on it. also, did you know that Darwin himself said that his theory was just guess?
Christianity is the world's LARGEST religion, but it's still considerably less than half of the world's population...
Where's The Giant Spaghetti Monster? I'm pretty sure he had something to do with our existence.....
I believe in a Creator not because of blind faith but because of reason and evidence. For example,
the Chance of Evolution Ever Occurring is so Remote as to be Mathematically Impossible. The theory of evolution is like placing a monkey at a keyboard and having him start typing. Assume the monkey never dies and give him 5 billion years to type. What are the chances the monkey will type out the entire works of the Encyclopedia Brittanica volumes A-Z in the exact order with no spelling or grammar errors? The chances of that happening are actually BETTER than the theory of evolution ever happening!
Ok first:if u think humans origin r from monkeys,talk about ur self maybe u r the monkey that is a stupid thinking animals r creatures and humans r creatures they can't be the same +1 if u think we r not monkeys
+Michael Atwood well maybe not the majority of the world, but their are certainly more of us then there are dirt-diggers
Science is not guesswork...I think school failed you immensely. 
Wrong. We did not evolve from apes. We evolved with them.
Just because someone is arrogant in there arguments does not make them right!
If we evolved from monkeys why do we have no intermediate species left?.. We all know we would have kept hem for pets and slaves like we have kept dogs and horses etc.. As a race we do this... By definition of evolution there would have been large enough steps or leaps to find civilisations of people with Neanderthal pets.. No luck though
I personally am not at all offended.. and I do get the joke.  

I just use threads like this to post the Gospel Message.  People can do with that what they want.
Plus, evolution HAS taken about 4 billion years, so there's that.
Right on Jordan!  You also forgot that just a couple of years after Darwin came up with this theory of evolution, he renounced it and said that there is no possible way that we could have formed from nothing, that in just the cells of the human eye there are some many different types that it could not have "just happened," it had to have been designed or created by an intelligent being such as God.   Find that tidbit in a science book, I challange you.  You won't, because science doesn't want to admit that there is a God and we were created in his image.  Look it up, it will amaze you.
All of these people getting so upset and bothered over this. It's a humerus meme, don't take it as an attack for or against your beliefs. YEESH!
Oh my dear frnd, It's not FACT it just THEORY
We did not come from animals GOD created us in his image.
Wow, so many ignorant comments..yes, god created us, and his name is Ptah! The rest of you, stop saying you "believe in evolution", the proper phrase is "I understand evolution", which seems to be an accomplishment of a sort... >_<
The genetic & The lost Darvin circle & ... Said we dont know certainly what happening ( Dr.Shahin ). You sure ???!!!

+Clay Smith Right... Cancer is not just a mistake on gene copying, it must be part of some celestial plan...
This is why google+ needs a -1 button.
there are no intermediate species left because they were UNSUCCESSFUL!  And I see someone fails at a basic understanding of DNA....
did adam screwed eve? or was it satan?
thats wrong god created man thats what the worldly people beilive
"Gravity wears off" Lol! Thats a funny new one! Ill have to remember that one for the silliest argument list. I rarely get such a good laugh from these kinds of discussions. Thanks for that.
The logical fallacies upon which Darwinism rests could fill libraries.
You forgot the most important theory: we were genetically altered by a superior intelligent being.
It is their, not there. If you can't spell, don't post. 
From the posts here, christians take a fighting stance and are frothing at the mouth. The repressed ones lament, the expressive ones swear. Hmmm ...
+j kleine they were driven extinct from competing with us. since we used the same shelter and ate the same food, we competed. since we were better at surviving, they all died. think back to biology class. competition. unless you went to a school which isn't allowed to teach evolution, which in the US is 50% of them.
Allah s.w.t is my God..
God for everyone..
the One and only..
You guys can boast all you want of your primate ancestry, but as for me, I came from much better stock :D 

Anyhow, creation does not evolve in the sense that evolutionists teach. Things adapt, but they do not undergo a fundamental change that transforms everything about them. The only exception is in the case of genetic mutations, but no mutation has ever been proven to be beneficial to the survival of the creature. Not only that, but in the astronomically rare occurrence of a mutation actually being beneficial to the survival of a creature, there will be no net progress. If a climber slips 50 feet for every 1 foot he climbs, he will get nowhere. Even if mutations were more common, the male and female of that one species would have to chance evolve at the exact same rate in order to reproduce. Even if this happened, do you expect it to happen to entire groups of these animals in order to ensure their continuance? What about other species of animals? Should we expect the same thing to happen to all of them, because evolutionists believe most of creation has evolved to some degree, not just apes.

It takes faith to believe the theory of evolution. Kindof like religion. 

If people wants to get rid of every trace of intelligent design because they're stubborn like that, human nature will make up the most outlandish things to disprove God, and they will actually believe it. 
Yeah it really needs a -1 cz all these empty-minds want to understand with picyures like these but dont really wanna know what really happend
Count me with those that believe in literal creation. Why? Because Christ's teachings and beliefs are what I take as truth. :-) 
because they know what "really happened" since they have time travel. o wait.
Man, must be sad to live in a country where young people believe in creationism. What can I say? Everybody has the right to believe anything they want and I have the right to find it fucking ridiculous! Such ignorance.
Hahaha ha ha hhaa christians are wright ur wrong 
If everything originated from a "big bang", where did the bang come from? Not to mention that God's first creation was light. Just say'in.
Actually, quite a few Christians reconcile modern science with God's creative work.  But yeah, let's generalize and condescend!
nomater what we came from, all we need to know is what we are now,yes i am a hippy
Evolution doesn't disprove or conflict with creationism. It doesn't address where matter in any form originated. The "enlightened" writing posts suggesting that is does really don't get what they're trying to discuss. The origin of the universe is of God. I don't believe that there is any legitimate science that can explain or even theorize to the contrary. The truly enlightened atheists know this.
My favorite part here is that the first few christians were like 'hey, some of them think that way, but not all christians.' Then came a horrible wave of christians going, "THIS AIN'T WHAT GAWD SAID, WE CAME FROM GAWD, AND GAWD LOVES YOU!"

One day those first few christians are going to realize they don't really belong. Maybe they can come to the side of reality.
Christians. ...can't live with them, can't throw them to the lions anymore
The prerequisite to belief is not knowing. "You can't prove a negative".
+Unwana Ekaette Not really.  More like Ancient Aliens on the History channel.  You should see some of the original episodes.  Very very valid points in all those.  Lately they've been just trying to come up with new material and are just stupid.  Originally they were great.
There is no point of arguing with some people about religion. Before you comment on other people's belief think about your own belief with reasons. Frankly I think we are just another product of nature, we are no more special than an insect, mammal,etc.
So, why aren't monkeys and apes changing into humans anymore?
The part I find funny is that although people think Christians are the most hypocritical people out there, there's no way to prove them wrong. In fact there has been nothing unearthed that proves the bible wrong. It all proves it right. 
Now let us get a little more complicated. Let’s figure the odds or probability of randomly spelling the phrase “the theory of evolution”. There are 26 letters and one space possible adding to 27 possible selections. There are 20 letters in the phrase and 3 spaces. Therefore the odds, on the average, spell out the phrase correctly only once in 27 23 outcomes! That is only one success in 8.3 quadrillion, quadrillion attempts or 8.3 x 10 32 . Now suppose ‘chance’ uses a machine which removes, records and replaces all the letters randomly at the fantastic speed of one billion per microsecond (one quadrillion per second). On the average the phrase would happen once in 25 billion years by this method.
+Pete Fenelon so whales were not once land walking creatures considering that have bones that proves that they once had legs but evolved away from land and more towards water. Or maybe those fish that live on the bottom of the ocean that have those "lights" on there head to help them see? We see evolution everyday but a lot of people choice not to believe because it's to hard to comprehend.
I always thought that IF Maria was virgin after Jesus birth the only other possible hole to emerge from was the ASS... Foooo ;)
actually, for those of us Christians who really read and study the Word. We are on the same track because,,, God created, destroyed and formed... so yes man is as depicted, but science disagrees with times of man's rising...
If god created humans, then why are there still monkeys around? Checkmate, Christians!
I believe in God, dragons, Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, Unicorns, Aliens, Bigfoot, and the Easter Bunny.
Whoops! We ran out of time just trying to randomly recombine correctly a 23 letter and space phrase. You see the probability multiplication rule is not so kind to the randomness of evolution thought.
I disagree , using maths to calculate years that Coincidence will take to create our world "they used the Smallest chemical structure of the protein in Human body" and they found the result is greater than the age of the universe multiple times 
So what you all saying is God created man an ape at first!!..? ? Hog wash!!!!! We were created in the image of God created He him thats what was written in the bible""!!!" not what you are saying!!!
Negative, I am a Meat Popsicle.
Religious views on a creator don't make sense to me. You're saying something created the whole universe (you know, all that other stuff out there) just so we could live on one spec of dust in all of that stuff.

Human arrogance is astonishing.
+Pete Haworth beat me to the quote on gravitational theory I wanted to make.  Other than that, is it just me, or are there some seriously brainwashed kids on the internet? :)
I wish there were a -! button because I would minuce one this, we didn't come from apes God made us
Oh yea, and as a Spiritual Christian, I very much believe in science, but like God, it is not without understanding first...
Maybe the question "why" is more relevant than "how" - and the true answer to that question informs the former. -- "Because the majority thinks so" has historically been a very weak argument anyway...
Whats interesting about the statements is each one says "think happened". None of them actually "know" for certain. Today everything is still mostly a theory based on circumstantial evidence.

Personally i don't care.. You don't move very far forward when you are constantly watching the rear-view mirror. 
+Clay Smith But the phrase "the theory of evolution" is not a self-organizing system. So, while it's a nice little bit of math on your part, it really does not prove or disprove anything.
Are you a monkey when you are born? There is no baby in the picture. 
Jon C
It's pointless trying to argue or prove a point with people who believe in fairy tales. nothing to see here folks, please keep walking
your a terriable liar the 2nd to the last is what really happend if you cant say it right dont say it
Walter Slovotsky: Dont be silly! How on earth can you leave Big Foot out of this!!!!! Unicorns i love them, Unicorns i love them,Uni-Uni-Unicorns, i loove them!
Its a very closeminded view, not all christians beliew that, just Most catholics do (hence the fact that the fresco painting was done in the Sistine chapel)
Ma Loy
My roots and I didn't come from apes. So if anyone believes in the theory of evolution you can drop by at your nearest zoo and visit your grandmas and grandpas, don't forget to take pictures and post it on facebook. Lol 
The biggest issue for Christians is that however it happened, God is behind it with a purpose, and he made man in His image (of course, not  exactly, but like a shadow) to accomplish those purposes. I am Christian to the core, and I am open to God having created the world through a type of evolutionary process over time. I say "type", because nobody really knows how it all transpired from step to step, etc. Many details (or holes) are filled in with speculation, albeit educated speculation. Anyway, why is it always either or with people? 
+mark wallace If we're created in his image, does that mean that god sometimes bites the inside of his cheek for no apparent reason?
True... But the understanding is in the very first chapter of genesis... The why was in his image, "company, some one to worship Him" so to speak.
We all have our own ideas & thoughts on this subject. I believe a bored housewife wrote the bible...evolution of man/woman seems more than likely in my opinion altho still leaves questions in my mind!!xx
He looks like monkey indeed... how tragic
As a Recovering Catholic (we meet right after AA on Wednesdays), I both approve and am amused by this debate. By all means carry on. 
  +Moses Pleitez - as to the idea of aliens making us from a mixture of genetics, that would have to be inserted after the first generation of hominid pictured there or just before ; )  

 +Mark Pettigrew  -  But... the logical fallacies upon which Christianity rests could fill a hundred stadiums.  There is a BIG difference between the two.  Science will "tweak" Darwinism for the sake of "getting it right".  Christianity only gets *"tweaked" on a reasonable scale to suit the power/manipulation-of-the-masses needs of whatever new sect of Christianity is doing the "tweaking".  Sad but unfortunately true.
Note that not ONE well tought out comment is for this... who thinks this again?
how come there are still apes but not the other......things in between?
Why are there apes left on the planet? Should be humans by now, right?
Do apes commit mass murder?  Do apes beat their children? Do apes make war?  Do apes poison their air?
So what do Jews, Muslims, and Hindus, think happened? 
Those who Really want to know where we come from, they should read the holy "QURAN"......:D
Does it really matter what happened?????? We are here. Nuff said.
+Lance Givens atheists who go out of their way to criticize people with religious beliefs (you know, the vast majority of people out there) are the most arrogant of us all. Just because someone doesn't have faith in a deity or believe in a creator doesn't make that person humble in any sense of the term. 
Kat Cro - SHE deserves to be respected...
Man is god's creator. Man loves him. He keeps us company because he's our invisible friend.
That 'evolution of man' is misleading and unfortunately leads to miss-understandings. Such as the absurd 'then why are there still monkeys argument?'.

Evolution isn't linear. Monkey's didn't 'turn' into humans. Humans and Monkeys are both just the bottom branches on a massive family tree spanning millions of generations.

Also all these people claiming that evolution isn't a fact and is 'only' a theory really don't understand Science. Evolution is a model that describes what scientists have observed to be going on in the world. It's a explanation that wits all the evidence and has never been found wanting. That's a fact.
I also have a problem with the mentality of a being that would create something for the purpose of being worshiped.
People saying aspires should all be human by now don't understand evolution at all.
Missing from here is the Scientology version of creation. It would, of course, feature spaceships and aliens who are living inside us.
• That's not what Prometheus thinks happened.
• Humanity started with a parade?
• Oh, it's a Chorus Line. When do we see them kick up their legs?
• "Hey you guys, walk this way..."
• In that middle lower picture - are they passing a joint?
that moment when a single picture can make people rage
Besides, who  says God didn't Form Adam and Eve till it was time for man to stand erect anyways....genetics, or ancient aliens? who knows . BUT we have working brains, and man intends on and should use them wisely. Science and Religion together and separate.
The early part of book of Genesis is a combination of Hebrew and Greek mythology explaining the origins of creation. It is truth, but not historical truth. The truth is that at some point in evolution, God chose the human species and breathed into it a spirit (soul). Certainly, this is the understanding held by the Catholic Church as well as other mainstream Christian churches.
Maybe your relatives are monkeys, but mine aren't 
where is the guy from Ancient Aliens and his version of what happened?
Go and check there is a photo of the same fire that moses met in the wilderness on branham you to late they already proved that God is real and still alive today still !!!
Richard Dawkins regards faith as an evil to be eliminated; he takes all religious faith to be blind faith. (Dawkins says) ‘Scientific belief is based on publicly checkable evidence, religious faith not only lacks evidence, its independence from evidence is its joy, shouted from the rooftops.’ However, taking Dawkins own advice we ask: where is the evidence that religious faith is not based on evidence? Mainstream Christianity will insist that faith and evidence are inseparable. Indeed, faith is a response to evidence, not a rejoicing in the absence of evidence.The apostle Paul says what many pioneers of modern science believed, that nature itself is part of the evidence for the existence of God ,‘ Since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities- his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made. So that men are without an excuse.’ Dawkins’ definition of faith turns out to be the direct opposite of the biblical one. Curious that he does not seems to be aware of the discrepancy.
Look, before posting some stereotyped opinion about one of the biggest religions in the world, do some research and by posting the "what actually happened" you are no better than the Christians, we're you there? I thought not. 
+Marian Sinn Yes apes commit murder. Our closest relatives the Chimps (part of the Ape family) commit murder all the time. The also make war. They don't "poison"  the air like humans because they don't have industry. Our inventions pollute the air not us as individual creatures, unless you count methane. Example (warning very graphic):Gang of Chimps Attack and Kill a Lone Chimp 
The Bible explains that Cain and his descendents were cursed and marked with different colored skin so that everyone would know how to tell them apart. This process was repeated a number of times throughout the history of the Bible. Also, some groups of people probably adapted to the harsh environment in which they lived, such as the Africans. I honestly believe that there is such a thing as evolution and adaptation, but I don't buy that we evolved from apes or any other organisms. Besides, how did those come to be? Did life spontaneously begin from nothing? where did matter of any kind come from, if not created? I believe there are some questions that just don't matter. Why should there be so much contention and hatred and hard feelings over something so trivial? I am honestly astounded at some Christians because they profess to be followers of Christ, then turn around and bash other people and get in heated arguments. It shouldn't matter what someone believes. I am a Christian, specifically a Mormon. I have had a Muslim friend, multiple Jewish friends, multiple Catholic friends, friends from too many other Christian backgrounds to name, and also friends who were Deists, Atheists, etc. I don't care what you believe or don't believe, that is for each individual person to decide on their own. I welcome those who believe differently than myself because they have just as much right to believe what they do as I do to believe what I believe.
Do we really know "what actually happened?" Is a truth created by these drawings or by other proclamations? Or are there mysteries not yet solved by mortal men. The truth exits but man may never know it, no matter how hard he tries.

That will never stop him from prematurely proclaiming "here it is."  
Facts? I only recognize two of the animals on your chart, a monkey and a human. I could make a chart where a dolphin slowly becomes an eagle, but you'd might only recognize 2 of the creature I drew.
thats freaken stupid i am going with the cristian
What makes you so sure it wasn't "creationism"?
I always love how humans think they know everything. You people who say you are sure there is no God must have a huge ego. All religions say you will never see him or hear him but he is there. Humans dont even know all the animals and species on our own planet but you claim to know there is no God in the entire universe. Get real, fact is none of will truly know until we are taking a dirt nap 6 feet under. The way most of us live you better hope there isn't a God. I do believe there is a God but I do not follow a religion for they are man made and we do not know for sure.
The Theory of Christianity being the answer to the biggest question mankind has yet to answer,has just the same amount of truth in it than saying,The Annunaki (ALIENS IN THE SUMERIAN TEXTS) coming to earth thousands of years ago,manipulating the DNA of the homoerectus and mixing it with their own to create humans (which would explain the missing link in the theory of evolution which cannot be found) so as to mine precious minerals here on earth.Im not religious,nor do i believe the whole Annunaki theory,Yet i'd be labelled insane if i believed the Annunaki theory over Christianity! 
Wow, so much hate!

A) It's a Joke and
B) Darwinism doesn't require that Apes die out because our strain evolved, just that our strain evolved.
Oh and
C) Learn to write! You say this is childish and yet write like a child?
All the evidence for all the gods of all religions is contained within these brackets {} 
Jon C
Can somebody explain this to me? If we all came from Adam & Eve then why are there so many different races in the world? If we did all come from Adam & Eve wouldn't the offspring of died off from congenital diseases?

السؤال: كيف يمكن الرد على نظرية دارون ؟

الجواب: الرد على هذه النظرية وعلى غيرها له جانبان:

الجانب الأول: نحن المسلمين إيماناً منا بديننا وبصحة ما نحن عليه من الكتاب والسنة والحمد لله الأصل أننا لا نتأثر بها على الإطلاق؛ لأنها لا تجد في بلاد المسلمين موضع قدم، ولأننا نعلم جميعاً أن الله تبارك وتعالى خلق آدم عليه السلام، ومن ثم تناسلت السلالة الإنسانية أو الجنس البشري من ذرية آدم وحواء وهذا لا شك فيه عند أي مسلم عالم أو جاهل أما ما يتعلق بالأحياء الأخرى، فهذا لا يهمنا كثيراً.

فإذا أثبتوا أن الله تعالى هو الذي خلقها لكنه جعل بعضها ينتج من بعض، فلا مانع.

وأما إذا قالوا: هذه نتجت من ذاتها عن طريق التولد الذاتي أو عن طريق الخرافات التي يقولونها؛ فهنا نرد عليهم.

فالجانب الأول هو الرد الديني بالكتاب والسنة، وهذا معروف لدى كل مسلم، ومن شك في ذلك فهو كافر؛ لأنه يكذب صريح القرآن.

الجانب الثاني: وأما من الناحية العلمية المجردة فقد رد عليها كبار علماء الغرب، ومن الردود العلمية عليها: أن نظرية التطور تقوم أساساً على أن الأنواع تتطور عضوياً بحيث تنتج أنواعاً جديدة، وكل نوع ينتج نوعاً آخر... فعن طريق الوراثة المتسلسلة المتتابعة تنتج أنواعاً جديدة، وهذا ملخص النظرية الذي يرد بها العلماء المعاصرون على هذه النظرية.

يقولون: إن دارون لما كتب هذه النظرية؛ لم يكن يعلم هو ولا علماء عصره شيئاً عن ناقلات الوراثة -الجينات- فهذه لم تكتشف إلا بعد دارون بزمان، وهذه الخلايا كل خلية تحمل كل خصائص الجنس، أي: أن الخلية الإنسانية كأنها مصغر للإنسان ككل، ولهذا يقولون مثلاً: التوائم تتشابه لأنها لخليتين حيتين متقاربتين انتجت التوائم، لكن لا يوجد شخصان متشابهان في كل شيء أبداً، فلا بد من فروق عضوية.

فناقلات الوراثة هي علم جديد اكتشف، وفيه من العجائب ما يبهر الألباب.

ولم يكن دارون ومن معه يعرفون هذا العلم؛ وإنما نظروا نظرة ظاهرية فقط، وهي أن هناك تشابه بين بعض الحيوانات وبين بعض.

فقالوا: يمكن أن هذا أصله من هذا، فحكموا من الشكل الخارجي فقط، ولكننا عندما ننظر إلى الحقائق الدقيقة العلمية، والخلايا وما يتعلق بها، فإننا نجد الفروق المختلفة المتباينة جداً، بحيث لا يمكن ولا يصح بأي حال من الأحوال أن يقال إن هذا الجنس هو أصل لذلك الجنس أبداً. وهذا رد من ردود كثيرة جداً يقولها علماء الأحياء الكفرة الغربيون على نظرية دارون .
So if we came from apes, where did apes come from? And what did those things come from?

Or is that just largely ignored?

Everything started from something. That something we call God. I don't know how much more I can break this down, so I won't.
Yes because a fictional man that nobody has ever seen, heard from or spoken to that lives in a fictional place in the sky that is full of dead people who apparently created the world then stuck two people on it who managed to reproduce in such a way that they created children on different ethnicity's is far more rational that a species slowly evolving and adapting to it's environment in order to survive...  
WOW amazing that a picture of Apes could cause so much opinion. My 2 penny worth.
There are four states of the human condition, Physical, Emotional. Spiritual and Intellectual.
If you choose to deny one aspect, based upon the weight of the other(s) then you have already uncalibrated your tool for measurement.
Equally in my experience, such behaviour has always been brought about by a lack of experience.
Love GOD, Love Life, Love your neighbour, and Love your wives and families as Jesus loved us all.
If you don't get it, it,s not my job to show that, that's Gods work.

Atheists must seem so alien to believers.
Just as believers must seem so alien to atheists.
No one can win because neither side knows how the other thinks.
I wonder how this discussion went...
+michael rogers  Even if there is little bits of proof to prove evolution occurred and explain to me how if at point in time there was nothing.....without a Creator there would still be nothing to this point in time today. A painting doesn't get painted without a painter and all i know God is the perfect painter
you cant win a christian, even with pure logic.
What's comes next in this series, a Wal-Mart?
If anything, this sparked a good discussion
kind of offensive. I am christian, and I follow truth. Don't make fun of the truth.
I find it odd that people on here can't believe that Adam and Eve could lead to different races of people, but readily accept that apes turned into people of different races.  God created man. Man multiplied and gradually adapted to the areas they lived in.
You should all read civilization or barbarism by cheikh anta diop then think about Darwin's theory of evolution. And I ask this question, if man evolved from monkey then what are evolving into?
This is what you get for being ignorant... sad to know people still lack faith
If evolution were true, then how come the earth did not burn up. According to the amount that the sun burns each year, multiplied by Millions, the earth would have been inside the surface of the sun. That would make it hard for any dinosaurs to live. Also, if any of you have seen how muddy the Mississippi river is (or many of rivers around the world), the continents wouldn't have been like they teach in evolution. They would have washed all over the surface of the world over such a long length of time. 
I know the Bible is Divinely Inspired due to the prophetic evidence, and it's Historical evidence. I submit it requires more faith to believe we evolved than it does believing in God! The chance that the over 90  specific prophesies concerning Jesus, coming 100% true written over 800 + years before his birth is astronomical! And Atheists say we have blind faith! LOL!~ I believe in ONE race, the human race!
I totaly disagree with idea..we r human being with so much blessings
God made us all take it or leave it that is just what happened and that view of Christianity is very twisted from what it actually and that was most likely made by some one that believes the big bang theory but the truth is charles Darwin the guy that came up with the big bang theory even said that he was wrong and became a Christian and if the guy that came up with the theory renounces his own idea then their must have had been some thing wrong with what HE CAME UP WITH for him to RENOUNCE the THEORY and I would rather believe that there is a God and Jesus than not and find out down the road that there is and end up going to hell but it is up to you to believe what you want to it is not up to me it all is between you and God 
I readily admit that there are very few primitive superstitions I don't understand. Belief in the bearded sky daddy, spirits living inside trees, holy beavers, they're all the same

"I know that I do not know" - Socrates
What a about other beliefs, what do they believe happened?
I was told not to argue with fools, they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.
Jon C
+Eric Watkins _I find it odd that people on here can't believe that Adam and Eve could lead to different races of people, but readily accept that apes turned into people of different races.  God created man. Man multiplied and gradually adapted to the areas they lived in._

So you're saying they... evolved?
Well not all Christians I'm Christian and not a creationist. I believe in evolution. Others like me take that part of the Bible to be a tale.
+Marshall Cain Very true. I once believed in god. But it was an incredibly confusing and frustrating period of my life. I never really did believe in god, I just thought I did. I am much more comfortable not believing.
The amount of facepalm in this comment thread is just overwhelming.
when do we evolve to become mutants... or get wings... i haven't seen evolution, no on can be sure
Let me mess with your pigeonholing a bit folks. I'm an archaeologist and a Christian. Yes the Bible is the foundation of Christian belief. However, it is also 66 sophisticated books written across broad spans of time for cultures ranging from agrarian to urban in many different genres and requires some very careful research to understand well. A great many of us don't just "make Shit up as we go." A plain and simple reading is a true disservice and creates a great many spurious  assumptions. Your gross generalization applies to the fundamentalist fraction of the faith.
See Futurama - Clockwork Origin

I don't know why it can't be a little of both. Even as a kid it wasn't rocket science for me to fathom the evolution and creation could coexist. I hate graphics like this. They're created by naive buffoons.
God speaking here sorry i created you,a big mistake i'll change that on 21 december
Ok first archeologist don't think that man was originated from evolution and you can not say so broadly that all of these fields believe that unanimously that man evolved from an animal, you have also failed to mention that astrology, one of the newest and most rapidly advancing sciences, has more than confirmed that there is not nearly enough time for life to have been created through chaos. Quick question for you, how is it easier to believe that this universe, which is full of evidence for design, was formed by accident through matter that has "existed" for eternity, rather than believing in a God that has intelligently created time itself?
get a life you will never know if god exiats or if you are a spider monkey so deal with it and don't push what you believe on someone

As someone that believes in a higher authority, be it called God or entity, and the well known fact that we evolved from primates, I find this post silly. It would be quite strange not to understand that the reason for our evolution is to "watch his children grow". Remember also to understand that our grasp of time doesn't even measure up to a millionth of a fraction to Gods which would make it a waste of time to start us from where we see ourselves now, technology notwithstanding. Christians, get with the evolved program please. Only God stays the same and is eternal, remember?
+Tyler Afro I'm not being mean but you don't get to pick and choose what you think is right in the bible
+Vicki Lynn from the shocking stupidity of that comment its obvious its not worth my time trying to even respond.
+Sheraz Lodhi Given that Galileo Galilei is considered the father of modern science and by that definition the first modern scientist, and given that he was excommunicated from the Church (until 1992) for defending heliocentrism, what "scientists" are you referring to, centuries before modern science existed?
Used to believe in evolution. Then, I evolved.
Don't forget a space for you...what and idiot believed happened.
Wheres the missing links wheres the apes turning to men today why are evolutions always proving wrong because God created us and evolutionists built a whole person out of a tooth! Cmon...
All i know is every body claims to know what happen but nobody can say it for sure cause we where not there wen it happen.
My question... If God created us, who created him? And to follow up that question.... Who created God's creator? Humans believe whatever they are told from birth. If you tell a baby from birth, up is down and down is up, that is what they will know. I'm not saying there is no God or never was. We have been killing in religions name for countless generations. I for one don't care either way. Heaven or hell, I'm not scared of either I choose to live my life the way I want. If I'm damned for it so be it.... But I can not believe in any religion that man has had a hand in perpetuating for thousands of years. I mean, really do we think crooked men are only limited to our generations. Absolute power corrupts absolute. It has for as long as man tried to attain power. 
Created in God's image. Therefore under God's authority. One day every knee will bow, and every tounge confess.
One thing that's dissatisfying here... It's not like we have a theory that  predicts that one of these creatures will give rise to the next in the series.
The natural conclusion of what ants believe of their ant farm. No matter what apparent evidences scientists come up with the explanation falls outside the laws of observable evidence; meaning a conclusion of a random accident takes just as much if not more faith to believe than an Intelligent Creator. Evolution is a conclusion of hypocritical science and insults humanity to its very core. What's more evolution infers that any "race" which is not the dominant white Caucasian ethnicity is genetically inferior according to Darwin's conclusions. Any explanation which closes the box on God renders humanity without purpose and morale. Remove God and see how humanity defines right and wrong.
we r in 2012 man do u still believe this shit about monkeys its genetically impossible the Darwin theory is like a classic bed story for kids its nice but not true
so I guess all "scientists" are not christians either (try harder)
evolution is true but what makes us human is still mystery check  "HAR-1 Gene"
+Dakota Clark - there are a number of invalid statements in your comment. Darwin was a naturalist and came up with the Evolutionary theory. He did not come up with the Big Bang theory. Additionally, he was reticent of  his religious beliefs but always stayed strong on his belief of the theory of evolution.
I suppose we are ignoring the fact that there are Christian biologists, geneticists, paleontologists, and archaeologists? But I also give you a pass for the sake of humor... 
Jon C
So god killed millions of people with a great flood because he loves us? And why did he need Noah to get 2 of every animal into the ark to save the animals if he's god and can do whatever he wants? He could of saved a lot of water and 40 days of waiting by just snapping his fingers and BAM everyone dead but Noah and his family.
To evolve is to change, man has been destroyers from the beginning, they have fallen from that which they were created to. 
"What __ THINK happened..." 
There is a big difference between "thinking" and "knowing." So it's foolish to say What Actually Happened especially when so many within those fields still dispute what are supposed facts.
+Liz Bates Understand what?  That science is wrong?  Please explain.
+Dakota Clark  not to get logic-nazi on you , but didn't church and government at that time force Galileo to retract his statement that "Earth is round and it goes around sun" and look how it turned out. Just Because someone renounces his theory doesn't make theory false it just proves him to be susceptible to peer pressure. 
To all those here who dont believe in GOD and believe in that "evilution" bs..youre being decieved by satan himself..obviously..and when judgement day comes no one will feel sorry for you...but you will be sorry..ill pray for you all (-_-)
My question to those who believe in the big bang THEORY is who created the big bang and then who created the creator of all of that just to say and deffenitly not to shove Christianity in any one face 
It amazes me how some feel the need to discredit my God.

Question: How can reply to Darwin's theory?

Answer: The answer to this theory and on the other has two aspects:

The first aspect: We are Muslims, we believe our religion and health, where we are from the book and the year - thank God - Original that we are not influenced by them at all; because they do not find in the Muslim foothold, and because we all know that the Almighty God created Adam peace be upon him, and then bred strain humanity or the human race descended from Adam and Eve - and this is no doubt when any Muslim scholar or ignorant - With regard to other neighborhoods, it does not bother us much.

If proved that God is the one who created it but it made some of them result from some, I do not mind.

But if they said: This is the result of the same by nascent self or through the myths that they say; Here we respond to them.

The first aspect is the answer book and the religious year, and this is known to every Muslim, and no doubt it is an infidel; the Koran explicitly that he is lying.

The second aspect: With regard to the scientific abstract responded by senior Western scientists, and scientific responses received: that the theory of evolution is mainly based on that species evolve organically to produce new types, and each type produces a different kind ... Through genetic sequence produced successive new species, and this summary of the theory which is set by contemporary scholars on this theory.

They say: The Darwin of the literature of this theory; did not know he nor the scholars of his time nothing about the vector genetics - genes - that did not discover until after Darwin's timeless, and these cells, each cell carries all the characteristics of sex, ie, that the cell humanity as a microcosm of the human being as a whole, That is why they say - for example: - twins are similar because they are close to each other two cells Hatin produced twins, but no two people are alike in all things at all, it must be differences in membership.

Vaqlat Genetics is the science of a new discovered, and the dazzle of the wonders of what kernels.

Darwin did not know this and his science; but they looked just a virtual look, which is that there is some similarity between animals and between some.

And they said, could be the origin of this, Vgmoa of features only, but when we look at the facts minute, scientific, and cells and related, we find differences of various different too, so you can not and can not in any way be said that this sex is basis for that race at all. This response from the responses of so many biologists say infidel Westerners on the theory of Darwin.
Is it impossible to maybe meet in the middle. Maybe what actually happened was the work of a creator?

I am not asking this with the intent of proving one side or the other. I just find the question interesting... Kind of a your both right possibility. 
How do you suppose we changed from monkeys to humans!?
The Christians are right, and no one will sway me.   
You DO realize that All of those except for Christians are NOT religious groups... There's no point in this, it SUCKS.
+Pete Haworth Unfortunately, that is a logical fallacy. The lack of evidence does not prove the truth of b over a.
What if <insert anything> created evolution. We deal with observable facts.

The lack of evidence suggests there is no evidence for something...
+Kat Cro Amin sister god did make us this is fake why anyone would believe this lie is beyond me theory's arnt real and this is a theory :) please pray for the nation to see the truth 
who ever was there can make the final comment on this, we all have our own thoughts and beliefs 
Jon C
To those saying non-christians are going to hell and "when judgement day comes no one will feel sorry for you"... how very christian of you. Besides, if all our memories are stored only in our brains (which you can't take with you to 'heaven' when you die), then how are you going to know who grandma is, god is, your deceased pets you're looking forward to seeing, etc etc etc
I wonder how many RPMs Darwin is doing in his grave right now...
You can not argue with people of faith because faith itself disregards observing or considering things out side of what they hold faithful. It is pointless to try and get these people to consider anything that might contradict their world view because it would undermine the fundamental basis of their thinking. I say leave them be, but if they try to bring the religion out of their homes or out of their houses of worship then they should be fought in the streets. There is no room for higher power based worship in humanity's future and it is up to the those who have rational minds to make sure that the irrational are unable to hold sway.
+Chelly Velez The Bible actually does explain where the different races come from.  I'll give you a hint.. it comes after Genesis chapter 6..

You will have to read to find out more.

Oh.. and we kind of need Adam and Eve to be literal for what Paul writes in Roman 5:12-22 to make any sense.. 
Not wanting to get into this really but the theory does not state that we evolved from apes. It offers the suggestion (and, like all science, anyone is welcome to question it) that apes and man have a common ancestor.

As for god, well I don't go there. I just can't see why I should take other people's word for something for which seems to be based entirely upon a book written by other people.

Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?
(Douglas Adams)
No science and no religion have actually answered the question. Period.
Does "what actually happened" imply they all existed at the same time? The "evidence" put forward by various branches of "science" tends more to that than anything else. As for Adam and Eve..Genesis clearly states that they left the garden of Eden to live with the other people so I guess that's where we get the variation in the Human race today presuming that story is correct of course. Various sources even suggest that Humanity contains some off world DNA which could account for our success on Earth..or perhaps not as successful as we  might be! Our worst flaw is our ability to find things to quarrel and fight over sadly. Beneath our thin veil of civilised behaviour lurks a monster we all need to keep in check. 
So i think God fist bumped me into life? (Im a christian)
Insulting not only Christianity but other religions too out of ignorance. There really isn't any absolute proof of the theory of evolution. If there was it would not be a theory.
not only the christian think that but jewish and muslim too. you have the right to don't believe in god but don't think that believing in god is wrong ! 
+Jon Calderon Your usage of "could of" turns me off. Noah's own son was killed in the great flood. And people on the ark were his followers, not limited to family. Don't think it was millions. remember this was very close to the beginning of mankind, maybe a few hundreds died.. but the number is disputable. if it were up to God, he can do anything... there is a reason why this life is a TEST... scenarios are built so that the best men can be separated from the unworthy. Imagine, if you (+Jon Calderon )  had to built an ark and collect the couples from all species. I am sure, given your usage of 'could of' you couldn't get it done. It should be 'could have', by the way.
Fun side note: Do you know what the most extremist religion is..? I'll give you a hint.


And btw the pic that started this is lol :-D
(Oh and also, I'm a christian and I believe in evolution, or at least whatever theory has the most solid evidence at the moment, and that is evolution)
It's not fully right, as you can't fully count Americans as Christians, they may have adopted our faith but the fundamentals are different. And creationism is in some parts correct, we come from the apes, which is proven multiple times through DNA tests which are as accurate as can be.
The "Big Bang". Is that when the triune god had sex with his own mom, Mary. She must have had Jesus baby batter coming out of every orifice of her body. 
get a grip on yourselves ....mind virus...
It only takes one counterexample to disprove a theory. Both Creationism and Evolution have been modified due to counterexamples.
Stupid picture!  
Religion, regardless of it's flavor, doesn't belong in the same frame as the sciences.  Religions represent the ascension of mankind's values and the censuring of primeval urges.  To be sure, quaint historical fables lose their validity in the light of modern knowledge, but they served quite adequately for our not too distant colloquial ancestors for a long, long time. 

And if that isn't clear enough, why don't we all stamp our feet at the same time and disturb the force, not to mention the earth.
God created Monkeys and religion did prove that god and Jesus are real so yes religion did teach us something don't let the world make you believe lies 
If we were evolved from monkeys why aren't monkeys still evolving today?
+Irfan Tusneem I don't think you know what the word "theory" means in a scientific sense. Don't be mad, its confusing that they use a word that means something else, but thats ok, you can learn it if you try. :)
To evolve mean to undergo gradual change; man's thinking has change some for the good some for the bad, but physically we have only grown. As we continue to evolve mentally maybe there will come a time when admit that there is something grater then us and whatever you call that something the fact is, it is.
In the following quote, Darwin himself acknowledges the logical absurdity of a complex organ like the eye being formed using the natural processes he was suggesting in his theory. Darwin’s own deductive reasoning should have caused him to reject his own theory but sadly it did not and Darwin continued to promote his theory of trying to explain the complexity of life using natural processes only.

We are NOT saying that the following quote was Darwin’s conclusion but that it should have been Darwin’s conclusion.

Darwin said: "To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree." 3

No mechanism has been put forward that even begins to explain how something like the human eye could have been produced by time, chance, natural selection and mutation.

A baby needs a number of very complex, interdependent systems to live and survive. These systems include the nervous, digestive, excretory, circulatory, skeletal, muscular and an immune system. For the baby to survive and live each system requires all the other systems to be functioning. Therefore all these systems must be in operation at the same time and could not have evolved slowly over millions of years. Think of the amazing intricacy of the male reproductive system coming about by time, chance and random mutation. It would need to be fully functional all along the evolutionary timeline so that reproduction could continue. And remember this highly unlikely progression would be pointless unless the female reproductive system had randomly evolved in perfect sync to compliment the developing male system so they both worked in harmony over the millions of years of evolutionary refinement! Of course, this logic applies to all the other species on earth as well.

There is no evidence anywhere of the evolution of such systems. More than that, not even any hypothetical process can be thought of to explain how something like the brain and the digestive system could have evolved bit by bit over time!
When you can tell me why every snowflake has different characteristics, I'll listen to you. Or how about, if you could let me know why we've never observed evolution happen, ever.
Natural selection, ah, what a theory. The belief that, because a finch is unable to reach far enough into a tree for food, their offspring suddenly defies genetic law and grows a longer one to fulfill the need. Well I'll be. Who observed that the finch was unable to feed from a tree?
Nobody, apparently.
God created evolution through his creation.
+Liz Bates Liz, I'm sure you are a very nice person.  I'm even sure you actually believe what you wrote, which is a little sad.

- I'm not sure where you got your information about all paleontologists recanting, but making that claim makes you look a little... delusional.  Your fixation on a set of holy writings from a society more than 2000 years displace from your on is a bit odd... especially when you consider the way you are dressed in your lovely photo would have had you stoned to death by that same society...

- Purely out of curiosity, have you actually read you 'good book'?  In my experience most believers haven't, or at very best they pick and choose the sections they choose to follow...  How much of Leviticus do you follow?

For example, if anyone you know works on Sunday, do you shun him as your good book commands?  Do you mix meat and dairy?  Who knew that a cheese burger was a mortal sin?  Do you live apart from your male relatives during your 'time of the month'?  Do you literally burn your leftovers if they last three days?  If your widowed mother was to find a boyfriend, would you kill them both?  Do you like shellfish?

- I could go on and on with all the rules laid out in your good book, but that should be enough...  If you don't do all of those things listed above, why not?  For surely not doing so is a mortal sin...
I love this. I have respect for Christians but I feel bad they can't get past the reality of it. The have disproven god. So just stop already, please.
Jon C
I just don't understand why there's a group of people that don't question ANYTHING. If god gave us free will, then why not use that "gift from god" and question things?
Who ever created this did not study very well. Poor kid.
You shouldn't single out Christians as the only believers of Creationism, and there was a time when the most brilliant men on the planet would've bet their lives that the earth was flat. Scientists theorize, but doesn't mean they're right. Just sayin'.
You can no more disprove God than I can prove God.  It's a matter of faith.
+Liz Bates Don't know who "educated you" about every single paleontologist admitting they faked it but they lied to you. Get you facts from researched evidence rather than through the mouths of illusionists ( Ministers, preachers etc)
+Benedict Corpuz scientist change all the time, but the word of god remains the same, they call the world was flat too, now they say it's round, they said our galaxy was the only one, read a science book from 10 to 20 years ago it will not say the same thing as a science book to day.... so that tells me man don't know what he's talking about, what the bible said then it says now!!!
Why can't it be both? God started the Big Bang and has been out of our lives ever since. Natural progression.
God created the heavens and the earth, day and night, the sky, the land, the animals, trees, plants, waters, man and woman all in six days. Genesis 1
Brandon, we are . . . . wait a couple of million years and you'll see 
Having an imaginary friend is a personal choice, but don't expect others to understand or to remain silent when you declare it as the 'one truth' without anything to back it up other than a collection of fairy stories.
Where is the proof?! All science is based on countless examples of a single occurrence, and no one has seen macro-evolution occur a single time! Until the fact is proven (which it most likely will not be) I will continue to believe that god created us.
God gave me Herpes, so I'm using evolution, in the form of antibiotics, to defeat my his Herpes. Checkmate, Christians!
Most Christians do believe in evolution. Just an FYI.
+Pete Haworth not picking sides on this and completely respecting everyone ability to choose, but when you first rode a bike did give up and "not do it", or did you have faith that it was possible to ride that bike. Im not saying that my example is perfect just that God, for me, is about faith. While saying that, I completely respect your views, I just want to try and show you mine. Thanks for reading. Have a great rest of the weekend. 
I suppose at some point in time the monkeys decided they wont evolve with us. They don't want human speech. I suppose the rest of us decided to evolve just so we can loose our fur only to hunt and clothe ourselves with other animals skins or  fabrics. Oh, now it makes sense.
+Peter Diktakis I think you misunderstood the theory of evolution. The belief is that not all finches are the same. Some have short beaks, and some have long beaks. Evolution says the finches that can't get food due to their short beaks will die before being able to reproduce. So only the finches with long beaks would have offspring, and that offspring would be more likely (than the previous generation) to have long beaks like their parents.
Evolution is not deterministic, nor does Natural Selection produce an orderly progression of advances, resulting in us. What results is based on the success of individuals to pass on their genes. Individuals past their sexual reproduction do not contribute, but evolution as portrayed by S.J. Gould is also shaped by outside contingencies, like rocks that fall from the sky and nearly end it all, sometimes one species is so successful that it dominates a brief period of time, like us, and we are intelligent to bypass evolution. We are just smart enough to really screw it up for us, though. There might be a Homo sapiens interview in some geology of the future, just like the brief Lystosaurus interval in the early Triassic. These herbavors dominated a biota for a couple of million years, but vanished totally.
Wow so true. But after the modern man there should be a woman :)
If any of you have ever watched Jersey Shore you'll know that there are plenty of the in-between human and monkey creatures alive and well today.
Bull shit god didn't create us any one with a brain knows that! Charles Darwin was 100% correct
then Drawing is right, chimpanzees are our close relations, infact they are using brains only 1.6% lesser than Humans
Words to live by:
“Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.”
Jon C
+Brandon Partridge _ IF evolution were true how come were not evolving now? _

Have you seen the creatures that shop at Wal-Mart?
When we give way to generic thought we give in to stupidity some conversations are not worth the words we've built in our vocabulary.
I don't believe so...........
Why does always have to be black and white
+Pete Fenelon I'd rather claim ancestry to an ape than you. at least an ape can use its brain. 
+Emilie Eggleston Thats better. There is no way that an educated person can deny evolution but to say that God created evolution is proof of an intellect. Of course you are wrong but nice try.
Where's the dislike button?
If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?
All of you people who claim to be Christian and believe in evolution or are swearing at people or are saying both are true are undeniably and obviously not true Christians. If they were, they would know that they shouldn't condemn sinners because we are also sinners and that there are no 'ifs' in the Bible. Its truth. You can't pick and choose what to believe. And anyway, why is it always the Christian faith that others hate? Are you all against us because you know somewhere deep down that we are right? I'm a Christian through and through and I will never, ever deny the fact that God created us, died for us, and has and always will love us!
The thing all Christians I meet don't understand is that if your a Christian you believe a God created us in his image. This is egocentric, and if you don't believe it you aren't a Christian. This is because it is stated in the bible which is the foundation of Christian belief(even though it wasn't written until at least 300 and changed many times after that). This comes together to the point where you either are extremely egocentric(and kind of dumb for believing the bible) or you aren't a Christian. 
+Vicki Lynn how could she be around for that long? it took millions of years. we're you around to witness god creating the universe in a week?
there is no conflict between the teachings of Jesus and Evolution. Those who think there is usually are misinterpreting one, the other, or both.
We are all of extraterrestrial origin, watch some Ancient Aliens...
well still their is no solid proof in fav of Darween's, this theory. Moreover lots of renown scientists directly cancelled this hypothesis. So we cant place such theory, as a scientific fact, rather than a hypothesis.
Where's the proof that evolution happened the way it is THOUGHT to have happened? Even Darwin knew that the 'missing link' was a hoax. Another good question is: being that macroevolution (The evolution theory that is commonly debated) depends on species giving birth to a superior form of that species or something new altogether, why has there not been any real cases of humans giving birth to something that was not human?Why in 6000 years of recorded history have we not seen our species perform such a thing? Microevolution, on the other hand (the one that deals with minor changes in a species, dependent on local adaptations), is very plausible and easily trackable. But for those that do know know the difference between a Scientific Law and a Scientific Theory, a theory is a purposed way that something operates  or how something may have happened,  whereas a law has been proven to be true by existing laws and the scientific method and is a provable and observable fact.
If you just wait long enough, something complex beyond comprehension such as "life" will just appear.  "Very logical and very scientifically provable." NOT.  Sadly, you cannot reason this with an atheist even with pure logic.
+Aaron Watt 1st) terrific job with the spelling and grammar. The blatant errors where too rich to go without the proper kudos. 2nd) this is probably way more important: you do know that " The Big Bang" is still just a theory. In fact it may forever be just that. Simply because how can anyone conclusively prove that the universe began as one giant mass that just randomly exploded and from this explosion came stars, planets, atoms, cells, and just one plant, that we know of, was host to billions of unique life forms.

There are no eye witnesses, documents, or even a shrewd of debris left from this unprovoked event that points to the big bust occurring at any point in time. If you ask me, there is far less proof of the big boom than there is of God. I may never be able to prove the existence of God through physical, scientific evidence, but neither can anyone prove this theory you hold so near and dear to your heart.

Yes there is a God.
I call Him God.
You call Him "The Big Bang"
God bless.
Just a final note to tick off the God-botherers. You're wrong. You're book has so many factual errors that we can pretty much regard it as useless until the world turns out to be square with four corners and some unicorns turn up. Thank you. 
Tell you what Christians. If you show me proof of god. I will convert. And don't say the bible.
One day all the creationists will understand evolution and realize they were arguing over the completely wrong topic, but that day won't be until we have more education.
One day we will get rid of the books/religions that create enemies and the ideals that create them as well.
One day we will stand together and say we are humans, we are here together and we are of the universe.
One day...
+Liz Bates you keep sayin what a great Christian you are, and how bad all the other Christians are, just some friendly advice from one of the "bad" Christians. Try grasping "judge not lest ye be judged" before you move on to more complex Christian ideals. Trust me, not only will you look less like a complete moron, the big guy up stairs just might appreciate the effort. 
Neither may be exactly correct.  There was a report that there was a find in Europe within the last 5 or 6 years of a finger that was believed to be over 500,000 years old, specifically "human," which led scientists to the realization that it is possible that humans were walking alongside the neanderthal & cromagnon man and the various other species that are often illustrated in the bent-over until walking upright charts like the one above shown. Here's a link to the article.
+Liz Bates
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