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Night photography featuring the Pacific Northwest
Night photography featuring the Pacific Northwest

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Screen size limitations make sharing panoramas hard. But I really wanted to show off a little of the detail in this monster photo of the night sky over Arches National Park. So I made a video. Can you spot the comet?

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Screen size limitations make showing off my star panoramas difficult. So I made this video. Prints at my website. ;)

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No photo today (it's a travel day), but I am GIVING AWAY an aluminum print over at Instagram, thanks to Aluminyze. Follow me, and check this out for more details:

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*Just two spots left in my Fort Rock Museum night-sky photography workshop in August, and three spots left in my Crater Lake night-sky photography workshop in June: *
Sometimes it's nice to dispense with subtlety entirely.
This photo's nearly two years old, from a trip I took to Durango, Colorado. A little north of the there is the Red Mountain Mining District, where I took my Subaru Forester on some Jeep roads and did some exploring of the historic abandoned mines in the area.
None of the original series of photos I took of this particular mine made my quality control standards, for various reasons. An intensely bright "security" light a mile away spilled harsh orange lighting over most of the scene (something I didn't realize would happen when I scouted the area mid-day), and there was something about the distortion resulting from pointing my ultra-wide lens upward that bothered me, so the photos sat.
But recently I've been purging the ol' hard drive and decided that someone might actually want to see these photos. So I had a little fun with them and used some Photoshop scripts created by Sathya R of Like The Ocean Photography to try something different.
Thanks for checking it out!

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Aaaaah, Crater Lake. I wish I could truthfully say that I enjoyed being in this moment--the sliver of a moon rising, the clouds and fog, the 30-some mile-per-hour wind sweeping across the lake's surface (you can really see it on the upper-left side of the lake). Looking back, it was really pretty amazing, but I was suffering quite a bit as I took this panorama. You can read more about the experience, which I've detailed before, at <a href="">my blog</a>. Let's just say it involved high winds, cold temps, and an exploding beer in my backpack.

Also, you're probably sick of hearing about this (and I don't blame you), but I'm conducting a night-sky photography workshop at Crater Lake this summer. Visit my website or message me for details. Thanks for checking out the photo!

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"This dusty ship," one of the rock formations known as The Pillars of Rome sails the seas of sagebrush, deep in the dusty Oregon Outback.

Want to learn how to take and post-process photos like me? I'll be covering my full workflow during my intensive 3-night workshop at Crater Lake National Park in June. Check my website for more details:

Thanks for checking out the photo!

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Good morning, all! Just a note before I launch into this thing, I still have one remaining spot in my 3-day/3-night Crater Lake Night-Sky Photography workshop. You can find more details about it here:

"Let the light in"

Short description: The winter Milky Way rises over Mt St Helens (Washington), in this photo from February.

Longer description: Good morning, all! This photo's been in the works for a while now. Despite the nearly total lack of clouds this cold mid-February morning, conditions for this shot weren't the best. A pre-dawn spike in humidity gave everything a gauzy, surreal look, which is something I don't always mind, so long as it's on my terms. Despite these minor setbacks, it's a rare opportunity to get to shoot Mt St Helens from this spot in mid February without encountering any snow, so I and several other photographers jumped at it.

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Bonjour, good people. Sorry I haven't been terribly active on here recently. Trust me, that's going to change.

I have one remaining spot in my Crater Lake night-sky photography workshop that's set for this June. The deadline for the 10% discount for early payment is March 20th, so if you're interested, give it a look over here:

I'd love to have you join me!

This photo's from my last trip to Crater Lake in February. It was quite the journey. As you probably guessed, prints are available for those of you with ugly blank spots on your walls. View it large for maximum impact. Thanks for taking a look!

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Hey, everyone, this winter's been a strange one for me, as I've undergone two elbow surgeries, one of which had a fairly significant recovery time with it. Anyway, I finally felt up to trying to capture my first Milky Way photo of 2015, and here it is. View it on a black background for best results.

This is a fairly large panorama; I might chop it down a little bit into a more standard aspect ratio at a later time, but for now this will work. Thanks in advance for the +1s, comments, and shares. They're much appreciated.

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Hey, everyone, over the winter break I managed to get away to Joshua Tree National Park for a couple of days and catch some zodiacal light in the east one morning. It was quite a show--possibly some of the clearest z-light I've ever seen with my eyes. Part of that may have been how cold it was--somewhere in the lower 20s Fahrenheit when I took this photo.

One more note: I've already announced my two (and only two) night-sky photography workshop dates for 2015, which can be seen here:

These are comprehensive workshops, and the techniques I teach will help in every facet of your photography, from planning to post-processing. If you're looking to jump-start your photo skills this summer, I'd be honored if you let me teach you.

If you're looking to fill blank spaces on your wall, this photo's (titled "A fissure in the stars") is available as a limited-edition print. Contact me for more details.

Thanks for checking out the photo, everyone!

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