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I would rather sleep in bed all year than have a meaningless conversation.. 

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Man was not meant to be alone

New Living Translation Psalm 25:8-9 The Lord is good and does what is right; he shows the proper path to those who go astray. He leads the humble in doing right, teaching them his way.

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In seasons of wanting more, I remembered that it all came with responsibility..... 

No good deed goes unpunished.... 

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Beautiful piece 
I Need You:

Is this
I need you...

I need you like
The soul needing
A body to possess it
Give it shape and form
Make it solid and grounded
Giving it a higher purpose
Beyond the realm of the flesh

I need you for you are my soul
I need you because you are
The immortal part of me

© 2016 Skylark Hatee

Please note that poetry and picture is copyright material


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The Hunch
A quiet mind /
A peaceful state /
All chaos suspended;
restlessness numbed /

Come in, Come in!
Come Holy Spirit, Creator come.
Attend me Flash of Wisdom /
The Hunch:
in silence, loud and clear,
a message of solution.

Philip Ofuani

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I lost sleep to thought today,
My mind so loud where I lay,
My body silenced as though defeated,

logic is the order of tonight i am afraid,
I am not feeling love i am not feeling hatred,
I am just cold mercilessly lost in thought,

Numb to comfort and only thoughts to take,
Like stunned with an anaesthetic but my mind stays awake,
I can perceive every thought slowly choking the humanitarian in me,
If I die my thoughts would live through oblivion and still haunt me,

Through the night thoughts turn into nightmares,
Through the night it's better to dream than not dream at all,
Through it all if only a little sleep can cure it all.

when making her
God knew
he needed to add
a little more sugar,
Though my walls
stand tall and mighty,
she crept into my life
like a hot knife through butter
a little red
a drop of vanilla
a pinch of yellow
with a stroke of blue
and purple everywhere
she came,
adding colour to my world,
because her beauty is contagious,
feeling young again
and climbing up the same tree,
that taught me the cruelty
only found in obeying
the law of gravity,
only this time i won't be
embracing the ground,
but her warm
and comfy bosom,
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