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This cracked me up. Where are my IT peeps at?

+Jason Walters +Jesús Segura +Jason McDonald +Angie Person +Antonio Cunningham +Ken Hughes

To: Staff
Subject: Closed Helpdesk Tickets Emails

IT is very grateful when you wish to thank us for resolving and closing your HelpDesk Tickets. Unfortunately, replying to a closed ticket email with a “thank you” has the unintended consequence of re-opening that ticket, which just creates additional work for us to close it again. As grateful as we are for your thanks, please refrain from replying to closed ticket emails this way. You are always welcome to thank your specific technician verbally. Thank you for your patience in this matter.
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Pebkac is one I use all the time...Lmao.
Didn't do IT specifically, but my first job was customer support for ALL THREE of Comxast's services. Some calls were legit issues, but most problems occurred because the tv wasn't tuned properly and/or their kid somehow downloaded spyware.

Fun times...heh
I believe it, +Jason Walters

ID 10T is awesome, agreed, +Nuno Ricardo I am friends with most of the IT staff including the guy who wrote this (he's cool) and he has let me into his secret world a bit with regard to some of the code words and asshattery he sees on a daily basis.

Hey +Mr. Yellow long time - how are ya? Glad you enjoyed!
Sounds fun, +Ron Smith ha its always the kids fault with the spyware.
I knew PICNIC and ID 10T but PEBKAC is new to me, and I LOVE IT!

+Angie Person I will check out that site (maybe). :D
I love the frantic calls from friends at 11 pm to help get all the porn pop ups and wallpaper off the pc before the kids wake up and need to do homework.....
ha - I have heard of that +Angie Person I just didn't realize it at first. I will have to get into that - it does sound hilarious.
It was 08 and kids were still using Limewire at the time, so I could believe it. The only highlight of the job was when I had to tell parents that porn was being ordered on the cable boxes that were (not surprisingly) in the kids room. I told a few people that "this is why the Internet exists, never pay for porn!"

I am surprised that I wasn't fired or had complaints lodged against me, looking back. I gave people free shit almost all the time just because I could. haha
haha Limewire. Good times, +Ron Smith

There is porn on the internet, +Angie Person and it can hurt your computer? Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaatttttttttt?
OMG - I can't tell you how many times I had to tell people to stop using freaking Limewire.
I love it, obviously. O_0
OMG +Will Ashmore ! I love that video! I showed it to one of the programmers, and he didn't get it o_0
ha! I can't stand a cluttered desktop, +Will Ashmore don't people know they can create one folder and put it all inside? Ugh.

Was that guy in IT? Are you in IT?
aDamn, totally, but you have way more than I do.
i spilled a drink on my NEW laptop, and fubar'd some of the keys. Again.
OH NOES!! I am not surprised, though, +Angie Person. I have such fond memories of your f key shenanigans. Good times.
Haha...I love PEBKAC. ID 10T is a new one to me, but has been added to my lexicon. Some funny stuff! Thanks, +Ben Zaitz!

You were the first comment back in May, looking up above.

Happy Friday sir!!!!
I was just on the phone to a person trying to help them out.

A mate has a 'puter fixin' company. He's on hols at the moment and often asks me to handle some things while he's away - I get the money, he gets the credit ;)

The person I was talking to took at least two minutes to type:

google mail having trouble accessing my account

into a search window...after I explained that they needed to open a browser. They said they usually open gmail and browse the web from there. I had to explain that they were using a web browser to access gmail and were not searching 'through' gmail, which is an e-mail services...which was preceded by 10 minutes trying to work out how they accessed gmail...which they couldn't access because their accounts been compromised...and so it went. Now it's a call out :))
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