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Ben Wilson

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Interesting concepts for responsive images.
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Ben Wilson

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Growl 1.3.1 binary download.
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Ben Wilson

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New software patent petition at
We hold the belief that software patents, in nature and practice, hinder true innovation and grant unjust monopolies. The Obama Administration's response to a previous petition shamefully attempted to...
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Ben Wilson

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Nice breakdown of the new jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller
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Ben Wilson

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Google Reader changes are frustrating at best.

Why break an existing product while you build another? The features that set Reader apart from other feed readers are gone. Proper social features have been removed and replaced with +1 and share. When you look at the core users of Reader, what they actually do in Reader and what they want, this "update" is damaging.

I was waiting patiently for the ability to quickly and easily share to G+ from Reader. This addition works, although not very intuitively, but I'm glad to see it. However, I don't understand why the decision was made to remove all other social features.

Reader is about quickly consuming large amounts of data from feeds and (what set it apart from other feed readers IMO) other users can share an article with an optional comment inside that rapid data consumption environment. I no longer have a way to share and consume only articles without using a 3rd party product. I use G+ for social, not rapid consumption, there's waayy too much noise for that. Simply put, I don't have conversations in the middle of reading, I have that conversation after I finish reading. Unless a public stream can be split into its own circles, tags, wtf-ever, noone can have a public stream of only articles while using G+, unless that's all they use it for.

I suppose I could find a (non-standard) way to get a feed of someone's +1's, but this only gives me public shares with no comments. I most certainly can't get a feed of a private circle. There are no good options, aside from a 3rd party product. Feeds of private circles, tagging or circles for the public stream, or something far better, that you or I haven't even thought of, will probably happen one day, but as I already said, why break a working product while you work on another?
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Ben Wilson

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"Sticky Thing" from +Daniel Puhe
Originally written in Flash, then using HTML5 canvas and Javascript.
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Ben Wilson

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While suffering from the lack of Porticus and looking for a new MacPorts GUI, I stumbled across this one. I haven't had a chance to build it and try it out yet, as the source is the only available download. Glad to see a new (and open source!) project trying to fill the void.
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This looks promising...
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Ben Wilson

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Chrome extension for Google+ Notifications.

It's about time. I'd prefer growl however.
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Ben Wilson

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Looking for a Google Reader replacement with social features?

You can always use Twitter thanks to a cool web app by @benguild that finds the Twitter account associated with your favorite feeds.

While this probably isn't a proper replacement anyone looking for a new reader will use, it is a nice tool for finding your favorite authors and sites "official" accounts.
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Ben Wilson

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New data element added to HTML5, time element removed


For certain cases, I rely heavily on data-* attributes in span elements that will possibly be reassigned and definitely reformatted several different ways. This feels like the wrong way of doing things, specifically when you have several of these elements wrapped in a parent span to provide styling, etc. There's plenty of good arguments for (or against) data, but that's how it immediately applies to me. The data element feels better, it's more semantically correct and all that, good stuff from my perspective.

However, removing time is horrible for anyone looking for a standard representation of interpretable time data without having access to the microdata schema used by the developers. Unless there are standard datatypes in the HTML5 spec via a type style attribute, data will only encourage non-standard, "wrong" implementations and general misery. Expecting developers to automatically use, or relying on them to document their interpretation of time for anyone tasked with maintenance (let alone making that documentation public), seems rather naive.

I like the creation of the data element, but removing time without coming up with a suitable replacement seems counter-productive to the direction HTML5 is supposed to be heading.
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Dislike HTML 5 and permanetly cancelation html 5 org subcription.
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