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Service-Level Upgrades. As a part of this release, in addition to a number of new features and tools, we're also increasing all of our service levels. The three changes are: Total Prospects found ...
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From what I read in your e-mails I think you really nailed it this time. I always knew Ontolo was very powerful but haven't singed before because it was too complicated interface and the campaigns&prospects vs price ratio wasn't very attractive. With new plans and simplified interface I think you really made a right move and I can say almost certainly Ontolo will become part of our toolset. Can't wait for the V4.
Excellent job with V4 man, looks slick. Now that this is so simple (and I imagine will not require as much tech support as before), what are the chances that you will consider a very small biz package? I ask because many of my clients are VSB's, Soloprenuers etc. and could benefit greatly form the tool set, but could only afford the added cost if was priced in the $40/mo range... It would be perfect for them even if it were only a limited no frills version w/ no support option etc. These types of clients would rarely know what to do with 2,500 link prospects a month (in fact it would likely overwhelm them), but if they could pick up a steady couple of hundred prospects each month for around $40... that would be golden.
Hey guys,

Thanks for the comments! We won't be releasing a small business package, but with the new campaign levels, the cost per campaign fits under $40 per campaign/client. Let me know how that works for you.