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Ben Wilkoff

General Collaboration and Discussion  - 
Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to record a quick video to say the following things:

1. Welcome to the Project Cam Opener Community! I am so excited to learn with you in this space.
2. If you have been a part of Project Cam Opener in the 2014-2015 school year, we would like to you RE-APPLY to be a part of it next year. You can trade out your equipment if there are better/different items you would like to use, and you can change the scope of your project as well.
3. If you have already applied for next school year, bring someone along! Please invite other teachers in your school or that you have worked with from other schools to take part in Project Cam Opener. The more the merrier!

Thanks so much for being a part of this awesome community. I can't wait to see what we create together.
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Ben Wilkoff

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I love how intentional you are about the ways in which you "show up". Sometimes a sponge, sometimes a chameleon, sometimes a strong voice, and sometimes a passive one. I just like that you are making those choices transparently and on purpose. 
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+Jessica Raleigh I loved this! Totally relatable. Being a sponge is an awesome quality. It means you have high empathy for others and can step in their shoes. I'm loving the Rambles. Please keep them coming!
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Ben Wilkoff

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Our empathy for one another is at the heart of what we can do together. We are limited by our own capacity to understand the person sitting across from us, and it shows in the classrooms and schools that do it best. 

I really like how you are asking yourself and others to take a step back and try to learn more about the context for those you serve. However, I think the modeling going on in those moments might be even more important than the act itself. You are showing everyone what it is like to engage in the process of listening and empathizing. You are showing the value of not hiding our diverse backgrounds, but rather being able to talk about them and support from all sides. 

While empathy is important to ensure your kids are safe and well cared for, it is also important for those who get those things from their home life. For those that already have meals at home and time with a parent to troubleshoot math problems, they need to see why and how empathy can change a school.

P.S. This comment is a part of the #C4C15 project. Find out more here:
I was walking down the hallway of one of my schools the other day and passed three students who all smiled from ear to ear and waved when they saw me.  There is nothing like being the principal of an elementary school; there ...
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Appreciate your thoughts, Ben and taking the time to comment on this post.  Modeling the way is so very important and probably the best leadership strategy that I have.  Think about how great our system could be if we had all members see things from the perspectives of others.  Thank you for connecting. 

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Ben Wilkoff

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What a wonderful trip. I know most people are not going to want to see all 106 "moments", but the only way that I can share it with my family, is to make it public. Enjoy!
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It was indeed. 
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Normally, I wouldn't post a Tweet within Google+, but I am kind of excited about what is possible here. With this tweet you can add your name and twitter handle to a google spreadsheet automatically.

If you want to read a bit more about how this works, here is the blog post:
Add a location to your Tweets. When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more. Turn location on. Not now. Turn off location ...
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I'm curious to hear how other folks are using an Professional Learning Profile to help personalize for teachers and leaders?
Personalization is hard--but not for the reasons that you may be thinking. Choosing the right content and software is daunting. Creating adaptive paths for learning is extremely complex. Developing sets of competencies for your learners is an arduous task. But, none of these are the truly hard pa
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Ben Wilkoff

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This is pure awesome. 
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Ben Wilkoff

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I would love to see a screencast on how you manage #BFC530. VEDA is a great idea, by the way. 
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Ben Wilkoff

New script request  - 
Alright, I have definitely been trying to figure this out for the last hour or so, and I would really like to move on to a different problem. Any help would be most appreciated.

I'm trying to create a function that I can run "on form submit" that will create a new google drive folder. I would like the folder id to be populated into a column within the spreadsheet so that I can then use Autocrat to create documents within the folder (also upon form submit). Ideally, this function would also check to see if the folder with that name already exists and would not create it but rather put the Folder ID of the already created folder within the cell so that someone who fills out the form for the first time gets a new folder, but someone who is filling the form out for the second or third time would still use the same folder (although, the error logic I am describing is not a requirement). 

I found this code snippet (in the answer) that I was able to play around with here: 

The only things that needed to be changed were moving from DocList to DriveApp and changing GetFolder to GetFoldersByName. If anyone has done anything like this or would like to take a stab, I would love it!
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Here is the documentation on setValue:

 var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
 var sheet = ss.getSheets()[0];

 var cell = sheet.getRange("B2");

Want to share me on your spreadsheet and code and I can take a crack at it?
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Ben Wilkoff

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I really like the way in which you have woven in the connectedness of hashtags and online communities into the connectedness of being a part of the same climate. Your imagery allows me to see just how the weather might affect our ability to connect and take part in these learning experiences.

Blogging together or noticing one another within a community space is something to celebrate, and yet we do not often pause to do so. The stillness of the weather is a great reminder for us all. I wonder if we need more cues for pausing, reflecting, and honoring the value that we are bringing to one another every day. 

P.S. This comment is a part of the #C4C15 project. Find out more here:
When winter decided to make its entrance this season, it announced itself through many a storm. Its story unfolded each month through news flashes across the states and the ins and outs of winter blasts. This week, winter roa...
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Ben, it is wonderful to connect with you through your #C4C15  hashtag that is meant to be a connector for those who reflect and connect via social media. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my positive approach to being a part of nature as a means to connect my feelings to those in other parts of the world. 
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This is part 2 in the series on the model we are trying to create for Professional Learning in DPS. I'd love to hear more about how folks are thinking about this in their own schools/districts.
Last week, we shared the first part of a two part series on Personalized Professional Learning. Ben Wilkoff dives deeper into how teachers can engage in their learning once they’ve identified the strengths, needs, interests and constraints have been identified.By starting with the whole “Person” and
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I love the focus on agency and efficacy as adult learners. All teachers should be encouraged develop action research questions that are personalized and collaborative. I can see how Project Cam Opener will play a central role in this shift. Thanks for laying the foundation for this important work!
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Ben Wilkoff

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I think you should research and write a book called "The Sustainable Teacher" filled with stories of those who have found balance and the structures and choices that have allowed them to do so. 
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