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Ben Turner
Ginger gamer, developer extrordinaire, and all around nice bloke :)
Ginger gamer, developer extrordinaire, and all around nice bloke :)

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King of Dragon Pass in this week's Humble Mobile Bundle !

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Another Lone Wolf thing on Kickstarter - must have it !

Halfway through the campaign, and halfway funded. Come on Come on Come on....

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This morning... I took the stairs

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I really loved the Lone Wolf books as a kid, so I'm really keen to get hold of this bundle of kickstarter awesome:

Next year, Kai RPGing !

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Pushing hard for a mid-range 30 coin add-on to the soon-to-close Lone Wolf RPG Kickstarter:

That way, if the system presented doesn't rock my world, I'll have plenty of material AND 30 AWESOME BENNIES (as +Campaign Coins make superb metal coins) to work with a "Savage Lone Wolf" conversion !

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Tasty longnecks

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Quite enjoyed watching this - great little short film.

Has anyone got any pre-gens for RQ6, suitable for an adventure in "The Realm" setting ideally? Am planning a one-shot intro tomorrow night, and need to offload as much planning as possible to be ready in time! 
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