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Mark Waid lays down some cold, hard truth about the financial realities of print publishing in the current comics environment.
Some very harsh truths about comics' current existence and its future burrowed their way into my thick head about three years ago, back when I was Editor-In-Chief of a comics publisher called BOOM...
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Did you see Hibbs response? He elaborates on the numbers a bit. Since, he's Hibbs and that's what he does. As I said on Twudder, some of those numbers make me feel really great about my minicomics sales.
I just read through that. I have a hard time evaluating Hibbs's stuff because he's so clearly a "brick and mortar" retailer with an axe to grind about these kind of issues. I did, though, think some of Waid's math was off a bit, though for sure. When I was doing stuff with SLG, I remember the "profitability threshold" for a 24 pg black and white book being 1500 copies. Of course this was back when indie publishers actually did "floppy" issues--and when people actually bought and read them.
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