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It's the Great Pumpkin(head), Charlie Brown!

Half-way through this illustration it occurred to me that people may not recognize the monster in the background–and then, of course, not get the gag (such as it is) at all. Oh well, if so: sorry, folks! Anyway, that’s not the Great Pumpkin coming to greet Linus, but rather Pumpkinhead, the vengeful Stan Winston-designed monster from the 1988 horror movie Pumpkinhead.

This is from a project called Holloweirdos, which is posting daily Halloween-themed images throughout October. You can check out all of them so far here:
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Thanks, +Joel Poirier ! Those Stan Winston-designed creatures are always so cool.
I miss those days of animatronics and stop motion (RIP Stan)

Loving all these Halloweirdo drawings.
I think I skipped out on Holloweirdos last year... but I'm glad to be in this year. I think the site goes back and has all of last year's stuff as well.
The slightly-off registration really lends it that old school newspaper comics feel.  Very nice!  

I wonder if Lance Henriksen is Linus Van Pelt all grown up?
Thanks! Lance/Linus, eh? An intriguing theory....
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