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Glad to see +Google Glass  is sending out invites to more explorers. I wonder if they will open it up to businesses soon as well. 

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Interested in learning more about social recruitment?  Check out our webinar to help understand the current landscape and how to leverage in your strategy -  #socialrecruiting

It'd be nice if we just took marriage away from government (and all the incentives), then we wouldn't have the inequality that persists today not just for gay couples but even single people. If you look at your tax breakdown as a single person compared to if you were married and filing jointly, you'd see a huge discrepancy in how much you pay. 

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As someone born with Congenital Stationary Night Blindness, #ifihadglass I'd map the world to light up the nights for people like me to better function and enjoy their lives all day, not just when it's light out.
CSNB + Google Glass = Improved Quality of Life
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