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It's one of those days where I'm franticly trying to think of things I can do to make my life relevant.

Trying to think of ways I can actually be useful to make gainsborough a better place or just have meaning in life. But it's all for naught.

Because I still can't go outside.. I still can't seem to do anything of value.

How likely would I be able to convince a bank to give me a loan to start a housing business or like a buy to let mortgage. 
What are the odds of a  mentally disabled person who lives solely on benefits getting a loan or mortgage to start a business that may end up bringing value to his life?

sigh back to thinking..
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Ben Swinburn

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Just got opencanvas because I'm sick to hell with Gimp2 and all of a sudden I draw like a god.
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Ben Swinburn

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Today I finally managed to set up a Dev environment on my computer. 

Can locally test my websites and application now. Makes life a lot easier.
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Ben Swinburn

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Ben Swinburn

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Currently working on a full body version of shmoogle using what I did with the portrait.

It's looking quite good so far. Still a long way to go.

#furry   #art  
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Ben Swinburn

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Hopefully on monday we'll be going to the council to see about moving house. I have a feeling it's going to be very hard to find a council house in a 'nice' area. 

Maybe we'll get lucky for once and actually be able to live somewhere nice.
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Ben Swinburn

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This is pretty damn awesome!
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Ben Swinburn

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And I'm back.

Just installed a fresh copy of windows onto my new 940gb SSD.

Never going to need another HDD for a looooooong time.
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So, The only two 'hobbies' I've managed to stick with for more that a few days is web development and to a lesser extent game design/development.

With Game Design/development I actually enrolled on a course, the T2G Course which after a fairly good start turned out to be a bad idea and a waste of money. This is around the time I realized I have a serious issue with self learning. So I've promptly given up on that for now.

With Web Development, I've half made a website that runs solely using ajax requests to load pages.(I had wanted to build a fallback system for people who don't run JS and for search bots)

I main reasoning for using such a system was to minimize bandwidth usage both for the user and myself. By only updating the parts of the page that needed it instead of re-sending the whole page I'd probably be saving around 40% of the bandwidth I would of otherwise used.

I was rather pleased with myself when I got it working, Considering I had no real experience making websites and had only just started digging deep into PHP and javascript. The only thing I knew for sure at the time was HTML code and the basics of coding in general.

I haven't really touch the website in about a year now. Mainly because I have little reason to finish a website let alone have one anyways. So it's all just sitting on a small VPS I have laying around.

#webdevelopment   #webdesign   #ajax   #gamedevelopment   #hobbies  
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Hello. I am Ben.

I'm a very un-social person, I'm autistic so my understanding of emotions and such is very limited. I struggle with social interaction because I find many aspects of it to be redundant and unnecessary. 

But given all my problems people still say I'm a kind and smart person. 

I have a general interest in computers. I like to make websites, create digital drawings and most of all waste time reading things and playing games.

I also have a deep interest in anthropomorphic art and the furry fandom.
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