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Foxes have all the fun!
The Fox just wants to have fun! 😄
This video is so funny! After a dog left his toy outside on the front lawn, it was found by an unexpected visitor – a red fox. Lupe Johnson posted the funny video with a caption from her dog: “Darn, I left my toy outside today and the fox found it. I was so mad!!!” […]
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They are also guilty.
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Thing I'm hoping to get done today.
Clean room,
Clean house.. ish..
Seal the god damn door
Fix the hole in the bay window roof. D: DAMN YOU!!!!!
Flail - ✓
Freeze to death - ✓
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UGHHHHH. I am literally a zombie right now. I'm finding it really hard to recover from last week.. -__-  
Went out to a mandatory 'health care' scheme that the government put me on.
It's terrible so far. By that I mean there is no chance in hell they'll be able to help me with anything.

Person I'm to work with has little to no knowledge of autism though she did admit it at the very least. So it's going to be a real pain.

First three things she suggestion I'd look into/do were Check out this mental health service, go to GP about depression and hip and look at this website.

Turns out the mental health service was the one I was with back in 2009, They couldn't do anything for me so not even going to bother, GP is booked up till mid October soooo yeah that's out of the question and the website was a self help site of all things I'm not sure if she even knew what the website was about but rather heard it was a thing for mental health stuff. I donno. Self help sites for depression are just... DUDE SERIOUSLY you expect depressed people to help themselves? ¬¬

Either way on my next appointment I'm going to tell her this stuff in the hope we can figure out another path. It's not like I'm not trying it's just.. so far everything suggested is not going to work so.. yeah.. 

We'll see what happens assuming I don't keel over and die within the next few days.
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I am currently relishing in this fabulous moment. 
I managed to work out how dogecoin transactions spend money without any form of documentation. 
I simply looked at the advance transaction tools in the core wallet and did a simple test and it works just how I thought it did.

It takes coins in old transactions and spends them first while trying to leave as little change leftover. This way it can clean up those old transactions off the blockchain reducing it's size. 
I also found out that you can send yourself money from an address to the very same address. So technically if you send yourself you complete balance you would effectively be consolidating all the transactions recorded into that address into 1 transaction.

Really interesting stuff.
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Foxes make all the best noises.
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Twice this month I've cooked a meal for the family.

This is a new zone I'm in. At the beginning of the month I was having showers everyday and super health mode, Sort of. Then I got ill and went into the 'I don't give to damns about anything any more' mode and now I'm cooking things and sort of maybe exercising again and possible having showers everyday again.

So. Yeah. Might actually progress through life again. Also I'm still fucking ill...... Although now it's pretty much almost gone.

On a side note my brain is consistently telling me to make a fursuit....... I want a Charizard one... It... Will... Be.. Done!!
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Finally starting to recover. Few more days I my life can somewhat continue!
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I still exist! 
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I should probably make more posts on here. 

No idea what to post about though.
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Pikachu is coming for you!
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Sky broadband, Gainsborough exchange is currently down. Hail to the glorious phone tethering. 
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This looks like it'll be pretty interesting.
A sandbox MMORPG with no starting infrastructure whatsoever. Build your own society made up of real players - survive, invent, explore.
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