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I will eventually make another piece of music at some point. When I figure out how to do anything again.

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Here a link to that random bit of music I was making earlier..
Wake up in the morning and listen to this. Makes a great start to the day.

Music - Future Days By Shmoogle Osukami
Mmmmm Still love the beat!
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Dear martin & Co Gainsborough. Thank you for crushing my hopes and dreams. Thank you could telling me the house I was viewing doesn't take housing benefit even though over the phone you stated it did. Thanks for making me believe me and my family would finally be able to live in a nice house in a nice area. Thank you for ruining my day. Seriously, If you are a disabled family on housing benefit, DO NOT EVEN BOTHER WITH THESE PEOPLE! ------In reply to owner------ It is ludicrous to say the other prospected tenant is better on paper when you had absolutely ZERO information on me and my family. It was our first time viewing with you and our first time even being in your office. The gentleman who provided the viewing stated that we we're the first to view the house out of a few potential applicants which is exactly the reason we headed straight for the office after viewing. There is no way the landlord could have know anything about us given not 5 minutes after sitting down we we're told to our faces he DOES NOT TAKE HOUSING BENEFIT and now here you state he does. Please stop lying to me. This leads me to believe that the woman who served us either didn't like the look of myself and my family or perhaps is a friend or relative of said other applicant and as such lied to us to insure said friend gets the house. But alas this is just speculation so I'll leave it at that. But either way over the phone I was told yes housing benefit, at the office after viewing I was told no housing benefit and now here in this review I'm once again told yes.. housing benefit... see the problem here?
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Also deliver on time and nice and hot. Wide selection of pizzas and even have pizza burgers!
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