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Ben Stroud
Football, technology, music.
Football, technology, music.

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Are the abuse scandals finally catching up with Twitter?
One thing I’ve noticed over the past few months is the decline in actual people using Twitter to engage and to get in touch with you. It’s particularly noticeable in the B2B space. Is the platform staring to lose it’s credibility? I believe so. The reason? ...

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In defence of the Instagram algorithm
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on change, and how it's the only constant in life, let alone social media. It seems that I didn't do a very good job of promoting it in social media circles (my bad), because people are still losing their shit abou...

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Snapchat, Instagram, Marketing and the God Complex
Have you ever heard of a concept called The God Complex? Basically, at it's core it's a way of thinking that allows for blanket methodologies to be applied to whole fields and concepts. Tim Harford sums it up really well in a TED Talk that he gave on the su...

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Social media word-of-mouth: you have to own it to earn it
So you've got your all of your shit together on your main social
media channels. That's great. Well done. Your Twitter looks brilliant -
it's growing. Your Facebook looks beautiful. Your Instagram and Youtube
offerings are so slick and clean that you cou...

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Social Media: still not engaging? TOUGH LUCK: you no longer have a choice
We've all been there, as social media professionals. You're sat in a
meeting, and across the table there's somebody in a suit, looking you up
and down like you're a red rag and he's the bull. You finish explaining
your social media strategy for the year ...

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Change is natural in social media: be a winner and embrace it
 If you're a social media user (let's face it, if you're reading this, you are), you may have noticed #RIPtwitter trending last weekend ,
and picked up on some of the news coverage. To a certain extent, some
of the coverage was correct - Twitter has chang...

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Really interesting story - can we leverage all of the good work that we've been doing in this country, and export some of that magic to the US? It's not big transfer news, but I really do think it's an amazing opportunity for us.

Wow, its madness, we're already nearly up to 500 members on here! Let's keep it going. #saintsfc   #epl  

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How to be nice on social media, and why you should be
Image from Hellebardius on Flickr (CC) One of the things that I’ve always tried to get across to people when helping them get to grips with social media is how personal the medium can be. Think about it. Think about how personal your social media profile is...

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Six ways to take care of yourself during a social media crisis
Make no mistake about it, being stuck in the middle of a social media crisis is no joke. One misplaced comment, one ill-advised product launch, one badly-timed or insensitive message can potentially derail years of hard work on building a brand or individua...
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