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Ben Strahan
The pound tricked me. They said "mid-size". Apparently anything shy of behemoth is "mid-size".
The pound tricked me. They said "mid-size". Apparently anything shy of behemoth is "mid-size".

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I am proud of this for some reason.

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Incredibles 2:  OH MY GOD AMAZING.

Cars 3:  Meh

I suppose I'm a little late to the +Google Glass driving dilemma discussion.  

It very well could already be being considered/explored, but on the off-chance that it isn't couldn't Glass just "cast" (similar to Chromecast) a display from the Glass itself to the vehicles proprietary HUD via bluetooth.  Would this solve or exacerbate the distraction?

If not, perhaps a dash-mounted projector peripheral that it can cast to is in order.

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While curiously reminiscent of Faster Than Light, I was moved to buy the soundtrack on Steam.  As things turn out, I didn't actually want to spend any money.  

Instead, I was able to find this from the composer on All-Access.  It does not disappoint.

Going to see Tool in Portland!  Can't wait!  I haven't seen them since the Lateralus Tour, some 10+ years ago.

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Really am crying from laughter.

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Amazing Sunday.

Started the day off bordering on a heart attack watching the Seahawks-Texans game, and finished the day off with an amazing series finale of Breaking Bad with +Erin Clark and +Alexander Clark.  Couldn't ask for more.

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So, at first I got a laugh out of this.  Then I immediately followed it by grave concern over the longevity of the human species.  

It's like saying that a new engine in the car makes it invulnerable in an automobile accident.
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