This is a very impressive email from the BBC. They deserve huge kudos for their respect and protection of personal information.

Dear H2G2 User,

We wrote to you recently asking if you were willing for your email address to be passed to the new owners of H2G2. You were invited to opt out of this process if you did not want this to happen.

Our analysis tells us that less than ten percent of those contacted have so far opened the email, perhaps because they do not trust that it came from the BBC. This suggests that many of our users will not be able to make an informed decision and we have therefore decided to modify our approach. Where a user tells us not to, their details will not be passed on. Otherwise, we propose to provide the new owners with an encrypted list of email addresses and user IDs. If you choose to register with the new H2G2 website and you enter the email address we have used here, this will enable the new owners to link your BBC user ID with your username and your email address. This means that if you were a contributor to H2G2, the new owners will be able to link your past activity/posts with any future activity on the new website.

This means that anyone who has not opted out of the process will receive an email after the sale has been concluded with a link to the new H2G2 website and its terms and conditions of use. They can then choose whether or not to register with the new H2G2 website. If they use the same email address as they used for their BBC ID this will unlock the email address and user ID in the encrypted list we have provided.

If you do not choose to register with the new H2G2 your personal information will remain encrypted and therefore inaccessible to the new owners, and will be deleted at the end of the transition process.

If, however, you would prefer not to be part of this process and would like us to remove your email address and ID from the encrypted list, then please email us at

All the best ,
H2G2 Editors

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