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The PFFF! Project

My G+ stream mostly contains the English version of a project called PFFF!, a French interjection akin to "pfft". The name is also an acronym which stands either for Paquet de Faits, de Figures et de Formules, i.e. "a bunch of facts, figures, and formulas" or Pensées sous Forme de Fiches Futiles, i.e. "thoughts under the form of futile entries". You can sift through them by searching with the tag #PFFF .

The project started as a mailing list sent to close friends, est. 2006. My original intent was to dispense with the ideas I collected through the years on index cards and in notebooks: anecdotes, quotes, factoids, etc. I may have more now than I ever had.

* * *

The mailing list format means I post once a day, perhaps twice when I absolutely must reshare a post. I suggest you do the same: tweet like you would be tweeted, plus like you would be plussed, or else I might not follow you. 

This project also implies I do exactly the opposite of what Guy Kawasaki [1] says we should, which is to provide free, original content. If everyone but me followed Guy's suggestion, you'd be all posting my PFFFs.  If you prefer to receive a PFFF ! in your inbox from 3 to 6 times a week, please send me a private message.

My personal archives contain thousands of entries, most of which have not being published on my stream. I don't know how many  there are actually. The numbering system does not help me count them, as it follows an ISO dating scheme for the purported shipping date. I don't care much to count the PFFFs as the project seeks to become a kind of Book of sand:

> A fictionalized version of Borges himself meets an elderly Scottish Bible seller, who hands him a cloth-bound book that he bought in India called The Book of Sand, "because neither the book nor the sand has any beginning or end". Upon opening the book, Borges is shocked to discover that the book, which is written in an unknown language and occasionally punctuated by illustrations, is in fact infinite: if one turns the pages, more pages seem to grow out of the book.

* * *

Once upon a time, I built a Posterous for the project, but got tired of editing the Markdown carriage returns as Posterous was closing shop. Then I built a tumblog, but got tired of the strange Tumblr URLS. Then I built a Wordpress site, which was becoming kinda neat, but got tired of rebuilding the database after the site got hacked.

So here I am, on G+. 

Eventually, it will become a part of a linkbait website that will make me very rich, at least content-wise.


[1] To whom I wish all the happiness offshore paradises can provide:
"The Book of Sand" (original Spanish title: "El libro de arena") is a 1975 short story by Jorge Luis Borges. It has parallels to "The Zahir", continuing the theme of self-reference and attempting to abandon the terribly infinite. The story appears in a book of the same name, the Spanish language ...

Benoit St-Pierre

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Dating events may be merrier than dating sites.

The description mentions Chicago 1975 and BBC 1979.
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Benoit St-Pierre

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Strength - (PFFF ! no 20160924) Paul Valéry features in a graffiti near where I live:

> The weakness of strength is to believe only in strength [La faiblesse de la force est de ne croire qu'à la force].

I should carry a camera.
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No, I just don't carry a camera
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Benoit St-Pierre

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Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - (PFFF ! no 20160921) Did you know that one of the biggest states of Europe around 1500-1600, 1,2 million sq km in size and with a multi-ethnic population of 11 million souls, was Polish and Lithuanian?
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Benoit St-Pierre

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Habla Español - (PFFF ! no 20160915) Once upon a time, a Florida woman who doesn't speak Spanish sued for discrimination after being denied a job as spanish teacher. The end.
Florida Woman Who Doesn't Speak Spanish Sues for Discrimination After She's Denied Job as Spanish Teacher … Miami New Times. Image intégrée ...
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Benoit St-Pierre

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StockAppraisr - (PFFF ! no 20160913) A game where the objective is to pick the company you think is worth more. Toyota often gets undervalued, Goldman Sachs overvalued. I'm 16/20.
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Benoit St-Pierre

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Wealth Management - (PFFF! no 20160926) Ungoverned and ungovernable:

> Wealth managers are estimated to direct the flows of up to $21tn in private wealth, resulting in about $200bn in lost tax revenues globally each year. In effect, these professionals detach assets from the states that wish to tax and regulate them, creating a form of capital that is, like its owners, transnational and hypermobile.

The Long Read: They know more about their clients than the clients’ own wives. They are loyal in the face of appalling behaviour. They are the brains behind the most ingenious tax avoidance schemes. And there are more of them than ever
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Benoit St-Pierre

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I Want Some Proof! - (PFFF ! no 20160922) Do you want some proof that global warming's happenin'? Here's some:
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Benoit St-Pierre

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Hmmm. Marzipan.
Here's another page from 'Death is Like a Happy Balloon' (1973). More pages here:
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Scarfolk Council is a deeply, deeply disturbing blog, +Benoit St-Pierre. I love it. Thanks.
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Benoit St-Pierre

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Star Spangled Slaver - (PFFF ! no 20160916) Colin Kaepernick may have a point that USA's hymn celebrates slavery:

No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

What the San-Fran QB may have forgotten is that the hymn was written for the War of 1812, a War that Americans lost to Canada. Not only did Canadians kicked Americans' asses, but they burned down the White House.

Sorry about that.
No one seems to be aware that our national anthem literally celebrates the murder of African-Americans.
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