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Ben Pianese
Expert Sports Massage Therapist. Clinics: Marylebone, Islington & Covent Garden - London
Expert Sports Massage Therapist. Clinics: Marylebone, Islington & Covent Garden - London

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I remember when I had loads of #exams and was studying hours and hours, sometimes late into the night. You might say that’s not struggle, and not an obstacle. Not as adults have, no. As adults we would say that, only because we forget how difficult it was when were there.
I was there, not long ago, and I remember the pressure I was under at that moment in life, and how important it was for me to do well, after all the work I put into it.

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There are pros and cons to everything, and outdoors vs indoors exercise is no exception. Having had the chance to.

Outdoors Exercise


1. Uneven terrain
One of the reasons Personal Training outdoors makes sense to me is because our bodies should be able to react to certain situations fast and skilful. If we trip, twist an ankle, lose balance, these are unpredictable circumstances.

Exercising outdoors develops your body, your nervous system, to react because of the uneven terrain you run, walk and exercise in general. Whether you know it or not creates adaptations in the body, reflexes. 

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Alexandra Merisoiu founder and director Urban Women Fitness shares with Massaggi her technique, philosophies, teaching and benefit of #sports #massage #London athletes.

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Reconnective Healing session performed by holistic energy healing therapist Ben Pianese.

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#Massage in #Marylebone: Present space of relaxation & stress relief.

Images and photos: Visual insight Massaggi London sports massage clinic & therapy room.
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An interview with Will Pike, a #personal #trainer expert and health mentor. Check it out

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It may be time to schedule a #massage in #Marylebone for  releasing muscular congestion and improving circulation.

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Event Details:
Start: 1 November 2014 19:00
Venue: Clapham Space

Is it possible to live the Present as if it was a Gift?
It is not only possible, it is easier than we have been conditioned to believe.
We will be looking at how we have been conditioned to believe that living a peaceful and harmonious Life is difficult.

What is the relationship between beliefs and reality.

How it is possible to live fully in the Present moment.

Clapham Space
1 Landor Road SW9 9RX

For more information or to book please contact Luca:

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The benefit of #Massage #Therapy for #Dancers
I truly believe in the healing benefits of massage therapy for dance and sports related injuries. Personally, massage therapy was my treatment of choice for my own dance related injuries.
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