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tell a story and eat tacos
tell a story and eat tacos

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Intimidated by #Snapchat ? Never fear - there's a guide to help you through it!

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Going to be a good show tonight! 
Join host Vincenzo Landino of Millennial CEO for a fast-paced episode of #MCEOtalk .

How can you use social storytelling in your brand? +Vincenzo Landino talks with +Ben Phillips, +Jason Yarborough, +Ashley Pengilly and +Casie Shimansky, to break down the importance of social storytelling for your personal and professional brand as well as some real life cases.

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Sometimes you need to unplug to really see the light. Recently, I took up a challenge from +Daniel Newman to go dark for 24 hours and document the experience.

Head over to +Millennial CEO and see how it went.

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Who is really in control of your life?

I'm a strong believer that experiences are exactly what you make them. Nobody has power to make you feel or think anything. You are stronger than that.

You are the in the driver's seat!

What do you think?

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Is Sales Really About Money?

I wrote this article because I have strong opinions on the concept of sales. I feel that, over time, the whole concept of selling has been perverted and lost over time.

Like most things in life, the most important thing to do is understand the purpose and intent of actions.

Read this and let me know what you think. Am I way off?

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So, I really like Snapchat. It's probably because I'm a millennial, though.

Any thoughts on the platform? #socialmedia  

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Are Kids Using Too Much Tech?

Well, +Gary Vaynerchuk says they aren't using enough, and I tend to agree.

Think about it, if we are trying to teach skills to our children that will benefit them in the future, then why would we not encourage more use of tech.

To bemoan the use of tech by our children is like discouraging teaching teenagers to drive in the early 1900s. You could have pulled study after study on how driving is more dangerous that walking or horse carriage, but it would have been ridiculous nonetheless.

Do your kids a favor and set them up for success.

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Entrepreneurs Suck at Relationships

...and so does anyone else in an ownership/leadership role. I hate to admit that sometimes I'm guilty of focusing so much on my work that my wife takes a 2nd role. I know it's my weakness and I need to do better.

They say the first step is admitting there is a problem, right? 

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+Gary Vaynerchuk always gives me a nice kick in the pants. This video illustrates what most of us are lacking when it comes to building business and successfully marketing.

Thanks Gary. I need these every once and a while!

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Sound advice for those of you in marketing, people only care about you if you care about them first. It's not about you, it's about them.

Thanks for leading by example +Gary Vaynerchuk!
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