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Watch CNET's commenters EVISCERATE me on my column this week: Why the Z10 and Q10 won't save BlackBerry: 
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+Ben Parr, I didn't even need to read your article to agree with you.  But now that I have, guess what? I still agree with you.  Blackberry 10 is the 2013 equivalent of WebOS. Some people are fans, its best days are behind it.  A new OS and new hardware were NEVER going to save it, and my mind boggles why they have gone with such a Nokia-Symbian mindset instead of licensing Windows Phone or Android and turning their BBM IP into a cross-platform APP!!!

And I disagree that only die-hard fans will stick with BB.  Maybe the physical keyboard fans only.  But even a die-hard has too many better options with many more available apps the next time they spend their hard-earned dough on a new smartphone.  They have no significant investment entrenched in the existing BB ecosystem (such as it is) that will transfer to the BB 10.

Time will tell and I'll be very impressed if RIM can prove us wrong.
There is only one thing that can save blackberry.. A android/qnx hybrid phone compatible with the blackberry 10 and capable of running android apps... Nothing else can save them from oblivion...
I have said previously and I still hope that it will happen... That Google buys bb and make the android runtime run on top of qnx. What a wonderful and powerful combination that would be!
It's not easy to find a 10 year old with money to spend on smartphones, either. ;-) I don't know in the States, in Italy BB has a small but relevant niche in the consumer market but gains a lot of traction in the enterprise market. Many institutions and corporations rely on BBs for their management and employees. That's why I would not find weird a strategic alliancs between BB and MS to improve their competitiveness against iOS and Android.
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