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All that needs to be said about Lance Armstrong.
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Give the guy a break! What it most important the such great help & support to the Cancer Foundation. 
Tired. It is amazing how people think that there is a pure athelete out there. I still respect and admire Lance.
I could care less if he took drugs to compete I actually didn't care what he did its a grown as man getting paid to ride a freaking bike big freaken deal get over it! 
Who cares that he used PED's. Everyone in the sport did, just about all professional athletes today do some sort of PED. He raised more money for Cancer than every other athlete that every lived, so I'll cut him some slack.

I lost 2 family members to cancer and have a friend that has it, so please get over it and worry about your own lives.
Lance let down some many people.  Hard to believe he was a fraud.  !!@@!!
you can kiss my ass and stop judging me dick
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