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Sucks to be Samsung or Google today.
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By and large, putting these highly technical issues in front of lay juries is typically as insane as the patent system itself.
Yeah, they'll just have to come up with their own innovations. (Google will be fine. Samsung I have doubts about.)
I think it is wonderful. This will force them to come up with their own design like Microsoft has done. 
+Khanh Vo Their own design for what?  Holding a phone?  Touching a phone?  Whether you drag left vs. right?  Sharp corner vs. round corner?  Blue case or black case?  Insanity.
This whole patent thing is getting out of control. I admire Apple and their innovations, I even own and use many of their products but trying to obliterate competition through patents like "square or round" design is absurd? I believe that the only way for a company to remain profitable in the long run is by constant innovation and better products and the only way to get there is when facing strong, innovative, straightforward, competition. Not lawyers and ridiculous patents.
Google has a comeback in their back pocket.. Wait for it..
Lauren, we all know that it is more than rounded corners and how to hold a phone.  Just look at Microsoft had done, I have a lot respect for them.  They have their own direction.  When you look a Samsung phone 99% of people will think it a copy of the iPhone, especially the earlier model.  
+Khanh Vo Look at any computer monitor.  99% of people will think they're all copies of each other. 
About 4 months ago our Dell rep drop by to show me their new XPS13.  He was so nervous and hesitant to show me the laptop.  Well   he finally pulled it out of the box and immediately said it an MacBook air with a Dell logo.  That is how many of us think Samsung is.  Just look at Microsoft and BB, they have their own ideas and direction.  Look at other Droid phones from other makers, they are a lot more unique than Samsung.
+Khanh Vo You're missing the point.  99% of this stuff shouldn't be patentable in the first place.  It's insanity.
That is a different point, I agree that the rules need to change for our patent system.  But I truly  think this is good for consumers.  We will see more innovative products in the future.  Samsung has the technology to do it, they can't just take the easy way out.  Just look at Sony, when they same out with their first Android tablet they made it purposely different than Apple.  Where with Samsung it is exactly the same except for the log an extra SD slot.
+Khanh Vo How many ways are there to touch a display?  Or to talk into a phone?  The point of the patent system is supposed to be to drive useful innovation, not all manner of insane variations that don't serve consumers but only serve to thread the needle for a competitor between a host of abusive patents!
+Ben Parr I hope we now reform our patent system. Apple didn't win, in my eyes, but proved how they have 'used' the system. I think many other people are also of the same mind.
Hey guys, let's remember this is one battle. One battle in one country.  It's not the entire war.  Google and the Android community will have their wins as well. Big ones.  And remember, Samsung is appealing this court decision and if need be at a higher court.  Seriously, for a 9 person jury to decide the fate and future of an entire Android community sounds implausibly off.  I wonder if Google can stop the shipment and distribution of Apple products which breaks Motorola patents in China. That would be an immense blow to Apple.  I wouldn't count it out.
Yep, sucks to be the guys who stole ideas and got smacked for it. Microsoft is doing their own thing with Windows (Phone) 8, and licensed the appropriate patents from Apple. Google/Samsung think they can steal things and get away with it?

It's their own damn fault.
+Ryan Parman MS and Apple have an agreement...they have already been through this battle, and they know it hurts, both sides. It will be interesting to see if Apple truly has the Jobsian will to go "thermonuclear" on Android/Google or not. I think we in the US also need to renew the patent system to change the length of patents for software, and no more patents for obvious gestures and design. I don't own either system's phones or hardware, btw.
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