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A fascinating inside look into how Netflix shot itself in the foot last year... over and over again:
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still a great product and a great way to avoid the politics of 2012
I used to love Netflix, but Amazon Video is beginning to eat their lunch.
I love Netflix. Honestly could use a bit more available to stream movies new and old but overall its value is unmatched. 7 dollars to watch all those movies and shows is incredibly cheap in my opinion it is worth more but you didn't hear me say that.
How come I can't pay a monthly fee to watch all the iTunes movies I want? $30 sounds fair..
+Eric Peterson 

I hear you Eric. I need more new movies I agree, but still for 7 dollars no commercials I'll take it. I have a 2 year old and it works for me he always has something available. You know how hard it is to keep a 2 year sitting still for a hour or two while you work on a few things. That alone is worth  $7. Plus I can cancel anytime. No contracts like with cable or Satellite TV. I combine Netflix with a few Blockbuster video rentals a month and I'm okay.
+Brian Peters 

I could use some newer hit TV shows. I like to watch 3 or four seasons back to back and really get into them. They have some good old, and older ones but are missing a ton of new, and newer good ones.
i hear people like netflix for the documentaries and not the movies
I watch for the documentaries and missed episodes on some shows
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