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Facebook would be stupid not to build a browser and compete with Chrome.
Facebook can no longer rely on Microsoft to keep Google Chrome at bay. It needs to fight back with its own browser. Read this blog post by Ben Parr on The Social Analyst.
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RockMelt is their effort, they have a team working with Rockmelt for deep integration. They never promoted it as a product, though.
How about they focus on making a functional website that's enjoyable to use? I can't describe how frustrated I get when I am forced to use Facebook to communicate with certain people who are set in their ways and may never make the change to (atleast what I think is) a superior platform.
I just don't think they are popular enough for people to want to use a browser they produced. I also don't think people would trust that Facebook wouldn't completely abuse their search data. Facebook is a dangerously big bubble of investment waiting to burst.
Gus K
Yahoo! should build a browser, too. ;)
Facebook is in the business of Facebook, though they'll happily partner with a company in the business of browsers. Even if the fate of FB truly does hinge on whether they make a browser, I don't think they will.
Gus K
Facebook Glasses! ~0^0~
Now a browser, next is nuclear weapons. That's stupid, fb will fail not because they don't have a brouser, but because they try to be everything for everyone.
Haven't even read the post but commenting because of the awesome Voltron pic!
This article is similar to articles about why Facebook should build an OS, a phone, an app (which they sort of reluctantly did). Facebook building a browser would be a massive focus shift as they have been platform-agnostic until now and advocate the open web. They'll sooner partner up with a browser vendor than build one themselves.
Also, Google has to be careful about the road it will take with Chrome. If Google+ integration is not going to be optional, they will lose a lot of users.
To be honest, the Facebook app has gone to hell and really sucks now. So I would have for them to make all of those things very well and then destroy them bit by bit.
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