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My column on CNET this week: how to avoid an Instagram-style controversy!
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DO: Sell your startup to Facebook and let them take the heat
Eddie N
You know how Google's unofficial motto used to be "Don't Be Evil"? The credos of any company that deals with large amounts of UGC or PII should be "Don't Be Stupid" and "Don't Be Greedy".
Timely article with great points +Ben Parr. Calling attention to having a heightened awareness of: "any changes to your Terms of Service, any addition of ads, and any decisions that could be seen as restricting user choice or infringing on user privacy" should be standard protocol at any company. 

What the mind doesn't know, it will create. In most all cases, those creations are worse case scenarios. We can't help ourselves, so being prepared is paramount. 
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