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POLL: Who do you think is going to be the next "big" tech IPO?
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I also see Pinterest......
I dont know. Some app maybe. I think fb will be last big web IPO coz i think twitter will be acquired...
Twitter, if Apple doesn't end up buying it. The rest would most likely to be bought before reaching IPO maturity anyway.
the USA....oh wait the Chinese already own it all.
Yep, I'd say Twitter too, Foursquare being a close second. That said, I heard +Phil Libin speak on +Rafe Needleman's Reporter's Roundtable, sounds like they are doing pretty good. I also like his philosophy on going public.
Whatever it will be, we probably haven't heard of it yet. 
More likely DropBox and/or
Pinterest and Twitter (even though I don't use the networks personally). Don't count out Etsy.
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