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OH NO! FACEBOOK IS BROKEN! I think I'll…uh, visit one of the BILLION other websites at my disposal.

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It seems to be only a small portion of users too. I keep getting FB messanger alerts on my phone.
Cheri F
Still working on so many people to get them to make the switch.
So it wasn't just me after all - first Google now Facebook - is the Internet under attack? :(
Crap...I may have to go outside and play >___<
lol....was beginning to think my connection was broken
Ali elb
Here in morocco too happened to me.. i ask my friend connected on a phone and he told me that's right... Not Fair :p
Mine is broken too.. And I live in The Netherlands.. very strange, maybe some end of the world shit, hackers, or anything?
app is working, good enough to stay connected :-)
I guess this would bother me if i had a Facebook page
Facebook is always broken where I'm concerned. At this point, I'm just checking in for the one person I don't have in G+ talk yet (we're working on it!)
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