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Facebook Graph Search is huge, and don't let anybody else tell you otherwise.
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Honestly, I think it is another step in making FB an annoying and obsolete advertisement delivery platform.  Part "Google Local" ripoff, part another stalking extension.
And come on. Anyone buy that mission statement?  I usually try to can my cynicism, but come on. Facebook constantly changes its privacy policy, forcing users who want to use it privately to be proactive about protecting themselves.  That's no way to run a social network, regardless of innovation.
heh, I did like the sarcastic post on RWW today though. this will surely be disruptive to LinkedIn, Google, Dating Sites, etc.
Just think about all the phishing possibilities!! Mmmm..
Nice article +Ben Parr . Although I'm not the biggest Facebook fan, this sure has potential and I think it will show its use. I also do think that it puts Facebook in a position to better monetize their platform.

Ofcourse I still like Google+ over Facebook, because to me it has a more compelling experience overall, not just the "social network" part, but also because of the way it's interwoven in other Google products.

What I want to say really, is that this one of Facebooks more innovative moves of the last few years (funny that it took two ex-Googlers to do it ;-)) and innovation is good (in general). It keeps the competition sharp which is good for us, the users/consumers.

Google + is far better than Facebook so I don't think that something that other have done in the past is that relevant.
But who knows...
I'd like to find out too.  I know that Facebook Social Graph is in it's early stages, but I'm not sure what's so special about it.
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