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POLL: What's your favorite tool for designing mockups/wireframes?
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Photoshop. - There's generally no need to use anything else, but I'm sure a lot of people think otherwise. -- I prefer to draw things out by hand, then create a workable mockup, not just a 'frame' per se...Most people take the easy way out by doing the least amount of work, where as I prefer to do the most amount of work. :)
We use Google Sketchup to provide first notional layout of the Mars ISRU propellant production depot and all the components for the various modules before the engineers then did the final PRO-E CAD.
Gaffers tape, coat hangers and counterweights.
I sketch my ideas on paper and then create a mockup in Photoshop.
It's not really a mockup or wireframe tool, but I always find myself using Skitch.
Balsamiq - nothing comes close..for web at least.
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