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Lowering its prices would be a good start.
That and invest in start-ups and not just those with a MVP but those pushing the boundaries, disrupting traditional channels and inventing like there's no tomorrow. 
Burn it. Since they will have the same amount soon enough.
Great talk, I agree with you on building infrastructure - so that they can come out with something big and new, if they don't innovate, if they don't 'surprise' the world soon - they will continue to decline - short term payments to people already receiving alright money - is not appeasing, long term viability is the only true 'smart' answer
Whatever they do with it I hope they remember that it wasn't all earn't in the US.  If they were to choose to invest in education or innovation then I hope they make sure the investment is global.
Imagine the goodwill Apple could gain bringing thousands of jobs back into the US. Now THAT would be innovation and potentially long-term game changing. 

Good for all... except the hedge funds and Wall Street. 
I would pay off that boat that is being held so it doesn't reflect on the company then do what they do, r and d.
Do something good for the public schools.. oh wait, this is apple we are talking about.
Start wooing away the content producers from hollywood and finally kill the cable model.
Interesting that said video can not be viewed on an iPhone.
1. For $AAPL to Issue a Preferred is interesting.
2. A large like $40 per share 1 time distribution.
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