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If you sign up for early access, you'll make me as happy as a puppy with a ball. :)
The Peep Project: A better way to rank and measure content on the web. Sign up for early access!
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Nima H
Care to give hints as what the better way is?
Your subscription has been confirmed. You've been added to our list and will hear from us soon :) YAY
Signed up.. Let's see what "the better way" is.
I'm going to try this out, no harm in trying something new.
Done. It better be worth it, or I am totally blaming you Mr. Parr. ;)
I'm in! Also emailed an inquiry. Standing by. Thanks!
Done. I sign up for everything anyway:-) it doesn't hurt that we're friends.
i tried. it says " invalid email> and I never put one
Just subscribed. Thanks for the invite Ben.
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