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Hey all, what are you looking for me to post here on Google+? I want to hear from all of you about how I can my G+ page better!
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LOLCATS!  ... no, no, sorry...  none of that :)
Hi Ben, good to see you. Post your unfiltered opinions please! Insider gossip, that sort of thing. The kind of stuff you'd post on Twitter, only now you have more space to.... elaborate :)
Whatever you are interested in. Don't post what pleases people, but instead post what pleases you.
Yeah, I agree with +Peter G McDermott. Once you get stuck in you'll get addicted too. :) There's a lot of great people here. It's like the place that all the good commenters go when the trolls get too much to bear.

Here you'll not find a lot of negative spammy rubbish. Instead it's more constructive, sensible discussion.
Insight, tips, and tools would be great. A could of cat photos would be okay. 
Hi Ben, thanks for the opportunity to make a few ideas…..
• Google + “Versus” FB and its future, in any shape or form of communication ….you have “carte blanch” 
• Google + content strategies, or SEO – diff between panda and penguin for business and also a dummies guide for the layman
• Google + hotel finder(its future against trip advisor etc….) and or how business can use Google "local" better (lady bird book guide for SME’s also)
• Maybe an info-graphic on helping people to change to G+ from FB – (lady bird book guide)
• Google +, making your profile better, including, pic’s, profile and engaging with others….. etc..
• A weekly/monthly update (whatever is appropriate) what’s new in Google +
• A blog “something” inviting followers to share their new ideas for Google plus (forward and beyond) and an update on the progress. (don’t leave us hanging).

That’s all I can think of at the moment… keep up the good work
You favorite Vine video du jour :]
Less of the same stuff that you post everywhere else. We likely follow you there too. =/
For some reason you +Ben Parr are in my Hong Kong circle, yet according to your profile you've never lived there.  However, you have it seems lived in Bangkok.  So given that I am a Hong Kong native that now lives in Bangkok I'll be following you anyway.   Greets from BKK :-)
I like your links to your news articles and TV spots. However, you could probably expand your intros to them - no need to stay under 140 characters here. 

Then again, what do I know?  With just shy of 500k followers here, you must be doing something right without my advice. :)
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