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I'm curious...What's the name of your favorite Google+ circle?
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Ben Parr
Mine, FYI, is titled "Sexy & Adorable"... and it has one person.
Captains of Industry. Also, +Ben Parr , putting yourself in a circle called "Sexy and Adorable" is a slippery, slippery slope... ;P
Women of Google+ and I especially love my "Big Fish - Little Bowl" circle
Are you that one person? ;)
"Inspiring!" followed by "Dream Team".
It's a tie between:
Doctor Who
"TYVM but I am never sharing anything with you" and it has some known stalkers and gossiping women of my family.
So far I'd say it's one I call 'reading' where I place people who post interesting articles and things. My 'cartoonists/illustrators' circle is a lot of fun too!
I have all the participants of Eloqua's Social Media Probook in 1 -
& my Googlers circle.
Techies (which you are in ... haha)
Epic Bitches and Manwhores :o (these are the people I actually know)
Ppl I've Kissed, Ppl I Want to Kiss, People I NEVER want to Kiss
My other favorite is: 'Ambiguous Personalities.'
"Unknowns That Are Following Me", sounds paranoid now that I read it in this context....
I suppose 'The Braintrust'
"My Favorite Person In The World" - contains my wife and only my wife :)
"Alpha"..not many in it. Couldn't think of a better name. : )
Jarvis, Scoble & Laporte My Mount Rushmore of Circles.
"Read Later" where I store the articles I don't have time to read while in the middle of projects...
PWPMO."People who piss me off". I keep them in a circle so I can read and feed off of "anger" energy when needed.
Circle: Panas + (Word for "friends" in Venezuela) keeps me in touch with all my friends in my home country.
"RAGE" (for the kids I go out with...)
It's this kind of a tricky question? Favorite circle, shall be called Favorite, otherwise, you're not consistent with the purpose of a name.
Every wondered what circle name people have put you in?
Buzzards, all the people I met on Google Buzz.
"I'm Not Getting Any Work Done Because of These People", or IMGAWDBOTP for short
"Social Media JHB" it of all the social media nuts here in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Absolutely Stupid People
"Stalkerish Luv".. For the ones I'm addicted too... Lol
Toss up btwn "Cyborgs" + "Gets the Square"
I'm sure someone has a "The Wolfpack" circle...blame it on Hangover..
the one you are not listed in...:-P
Ted Orr
Mine is Noise. It has one person.
I renamed "Blocked" to be "Circle Jerks"
I'm still figuring my circles out - probably some subset of "business contacts" once I figure out the right categories. :)
"I have no idea who you are but you look nice"
"Neat-o Internet Folks"
Am i the "sexy and adorable" one? its ok. you can tell me.
"9,999,800 People I Don't Follow"
"Knows if I am naughty and/or nice" (for Santa Claus)
ah h
For today - Acquaintances
google+ers.....they're all my facebook friends who are on google+ so are used to my constant updates....
"Girls who party" (not party girl, there's a slight difference... ;)
Julie B
"Mashable Heads"
Zia P
"A Perfect Circle"...because I'm clever like that. ;)
People Who Think They Are a Big Deal on Social Media
I also like "Tastes Like Chicken"
Locals, Dirty Birds, and Oh God Why Are You Still Following Me are in a dead heat right now
"Wimp asses who can't deal w/ volume" is mine
+Sola Gbenro It depends on the timezone you're in, really. But at least in one of the world's major cities, it shall be midnight.
"Dirty Buttholes", for anyone on my shit list.
If they don't fit into Google+ or da Techies I put them into Just Plain Interesting
Well, with your good ideas I put you into my <Google+Brain Trust> circle. Whadda think?
Ben Parr, SuperHero, Circle of one!

Your complete guide rocks, Ben. Thanks!
Some awesome suggestions here... Im going to make some randoms one and start slotting people in!
"Pieces of Shit" is reserved for my best friends. Not joking.
Mine is "Moto", now I can quickly call up a posse and ride!
( ・_・)/ やぁ!
Saw this post as a pic on mashable and had to comment. So sorry I'm late. Mine is "Not Cool Enough For a Circle"
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