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Gangnam Style hit one Billion views, and The Lord said, "Fuck it, Humans have reached their pinnacle," and then He destroyed the World.
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really?? wow i just viewed it an hour ago and it was just 998 million..
If that truly is the best that you can do, you deserve to be tossed on the scrapheap of history.
+James Karaganis Vulcans are not known for their sense of humor or dancing ability, so your comment doesn't surprise me in the least.
Given what happened in the last Star Trek movie, I think it's fair enough that Vulcans don't appreciate end-of-the-world jokes. 
+Raul Marengo Lopez Not at all. If you were to watch TOS episode Mirror, Mirror, you would understand.

It is a matter of image, which even Vulcans recognize as important, especially when dealing with humans or Klingons. I would not want my followers to confuse me with the Spock from your Universe.
tee dee
don't see the hype,,
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