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I really, really dislike the "LIKE to vote for __, Comment to vote for __, Share to vote for __" that I've seen flood Facebook.

Annoys the shit out of me.
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i think it's hilarious when it's something cheesy like "like this picture if you love your mother" 0_o
So, if I agree with this should I +1? Or comment if I disagree with this? 
Those and the "Post this to your status for one hour if you are against X" Where X is cancer, killing puppies, etc....
So ... +1 this is you really like this post or Comment if you have something else to say.  Sorry, Ben ... I had to do it. 
On a kind of parallel vein ... someone a few weeks ago was posting ALL of their FB updates as surveys, That was annoying.
For some that could be campaigning for some facebooking and for you that was annoying :D
Ironically, I like your observation (in a non-FB way) - dumped FB when they pulled some stunts that compromised privacy and I will never go back. 
ALL political stuff on FB is getting on my nerves. It's pretty ignorant most the time too.
Technically, posts asking you to "Like" / "Comment", etc.. as a voting mechanism in a competition aren't really allowed by FB TOS. If you dislike them enough, you could try reporting them ;)
As annoying as the "Facebook is only showing our posts to [some seemingly random, incorrect low %] of our fans so add us to an interest list {that you'll never look at} in order to {not} see all our posts" flood?

There's actually no lack of chain spam to be annoyed with...
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