Portals represent human creativity, so +Walt Disney World is very dense in portals and an excellent place to go if you're trying to get more uniques.

That's more or less how we explained #Ingress when we were detained and questioned by Disney World's #security force. Apparently they got concerned because there was a group of five people wandering around #Epcot holding gadgets with wires leading to unknown equipment in our clothing (those would be USB backup batteries, of course). And these potential troublemakers weren't going on any rides. They occasionally broke out into groups of 2 and 3 to go in different directions. What on Walt's green earth were they planning?

We did some public relations work, representing Ingress as a way to go out and see interesting places like Disney World, and showing them the game. We said that players do get careless with our language, talking about blowing stuff up to claim it, which we acknowledged would sound scary to muggles. And we said that, no, we weren't recording anything with +Google Glass; that was just some duct tape holding @verdad's eyeglasses together.

Advocacy can be exciting at times, and rarely more so than when several burly gentlemen have earnest but polite questions about the game. If there's a badge for representing Ingress, I'd say we earned it today!

(And if the rain ever lets up, we may also get a few badges for unique captures and visits.)

-- Disney World Enlightened
@Eulexia, @verdad, @ScoobyShep, @n8bgr8, and @BrillWolf
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Glad you're safe. As an annual passholder I play at Disney all the time, but never in a group. I'm shocked Disney security didn't know about this because their property is an +Ingress super-playground with even employees playing into the wee hours of the morning.
That's why you need rain gear and put your phones in zip lock bags or something heh :):)
Now I have a reason to visit Disney as an adult: Portals and UPV/UPC.
Hundreds of unique portals. As far as the eyes can see.
There's a few cast members that play; like myself. I think it is funny Security came and got you. HA! 
To celebrate hitting L8 a while back I turned all of Disney World blue. It was great fun watching employees go to grab their phones and then remember that they can't play while working. :-D
I actually have a resistance group called .... Wdw ingress resistance players .... :) ... If your resistance your welcome to join :)
+CINDY twelve, I'm the Loyal Opposition, giving y'all something to do. I'll work on setting something up.
+Ben Ostrowsky well where I live I'm surrounded by the enlightened so I have plenty to do but sadly I don't get out that much :(
I'm headed to Disney in August.  Glad to see there are so many portals.  Hoping to walk away with my gold explorer badge after this!  I'm L10 and my wife is L8, both enlightened.  Can't wait to meet some new friends! :)
Looks like we all won with your excellent handling of a tough situation!
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