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Build a search engine in 20 minutes or less
…or your money back. author = "Ben Ogorek"
Twitter = "@baogorek"
email = paste0(sub("@", "", Twitter), "") Setup We've got a collection of documents: doc1 <- "Stray cats are running all over the place. I see 10 a day!"
doc2 <- "Cats are killers. T...

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How to create confounders with regression: a lesson from causal inference
By Ben Ogorek Introduction Regression is a tool that can be used to address causal questions in an observational study, though no one said it would be easy. While this article won't close the vexing gap between correlation and causation, it will offer speci...

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The simplest introduction I could muster for calling C code from #rstats. Thanks to +Murray Stokely for weighing in!

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Read about my first #rstats package, NLSdata, and how attitudes about religion change over time:
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