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Once again +3 Mobile are stealing a lead on their cellular network rivals by introducing a proper data roaming bundle. For just £5 per day, 3's customers will be able to use unlimited data on their smartphones across most of Europe.

Well done 3.

(Note - 3 are not the first to offer data roaming to UK customers, but this is is the first to offer unlimited data. +Vodafone Social for instance offer a laughable 100MB per day)
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+Ben Lloyd That's impressive, just thought I'd pop on and say we've launched our new EuroTraveller service which allows customers to take their home price plan abroad for £3 per day, which encompasses calls, texts and data. Definitely better than anything we've offered before. Find out more at


Hey Tom,

Thanks for dropping by. I had checked the +Vodafone Social offering the day before +3 Mobile made their announcement, but it is not even close in terms of value. 100MB per day from Vodafone versus unlimited from 3. Not a very hard decision for heavy smartphone and tablet users!
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