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Those With Bootloop Issue Must Swap for New Glass

Just got an email from Glass support asking me to provide info for a Glass swap. Looks like the XE 16.1 really did brick Glass for some users. Maybe they forgot to provide DFU functionality (or want a more user-friendly fix)?

They are offering a chance to change your Glass color on the swap and also offering your choice of accessory for the trouble.

I think we'd all prefer to simply not have had this issue in the first place, but I thank the +Google Glass team for finding a way to fix the problem quickly instead of leaving us hanging around for weeks.
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I called today about the Boot Loop bug affecting my Glass. All they said to me was to stay tuned, see my other post below for more info if your interested. Hope to get a swap email sooner than later!
+Google Glass  Can you verify this because I just called your guide and while they said my replacement is being pushed forward they denied any knowledge of google giving up a free accessory. I think if you offer this to one person you should offer this to all people having an issue with the bricking.
+Ben Lang Would you be willing to post this mysterious email with your personal info blacked out so that we may have conformation. Thanks :)
I just called and they said that this is a known issue and they will get back to me via email either today or tomorrow (definitely tomorrow). They said they are either going to try fix glass with me one on one or maybe issue a swap. Will post when I get an email response. 
If titanium frame is considered accessories, I think more and more people are going to claim their device is 'bricked' :p
I just confirmed with another user that they also got this "email"
I got the same email moments ago and responded.
+Stephen Malloy How long since they told you they would do a replacement.. I haven't gotten my email yet. Trying to figure out what their time line is.
+Shauna Mork I got the email about and hour ago maybe. They said usually within 24 hours of my email response. I'm hoping that's the case. I might call tomorrow if I don't get a confirmation to ensure they did indeed get my response.
My swap us on its way and I should be getting an accessory woot. Thanks Ben for the heads up!
+Shauna Mork sure thing. Did you get a tracking number? I think I was one of the first to get my email and I expected to see the replacement unit this week but it's been a few days and doesn't seem like its gone out yet.
I got my email a few days ago and did not get a tracking number. They just told me to confirm my address and that it would be on its way. I did get a UPS return shipping label though - which to me, is a good sign..I hope. I really hope I get it next week. I did reply asking if I needed to sign for my package but didn't get any response. I'm assuming I do because I had to sign for the initial package.
Yes you will need to sigh if you have a ups account which I do you should be able to log in and track ur package
Thanks +Shauna Mork . Do you think Google will send a notification of shipment so I can attempt to track?
+Stephen Malloy I called support and they told me I should get an email with tracking once it goes out. I think I responded to the replacement email on Tuesday and still haven't received a tracking email. 
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