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Those With Bootloop Issue Must Swap for New Glass

Just got an email from Glass support asking me to provide info for a Glass swap. Looks like the XE 16.1 really did brick Glass for some users. Maybe they forgot to provide DFU functionality (or want a more user-friendly fix)?

They are offering a chance to change your Glass color on the swap and also offering your choice of accessory for the trouble.

I think we'd all prefer to simply not have had this issue in the first place, but I thank the +Google Glass team for finding a way to fix the problem quickly instead of leaving us hanging around for weeks.
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+Shauna Mork I got the email about and hour ago maybe. They said usually within 24 hours of my email response. I'm hoping that's the case. I might call tomorrow if I don't get a confirmation to ensure they did indeed get my response.
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Anyone interested in a Google Glass invite? Testing out a new method to invite friends. Send me a DM.
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Can confirm, Delta's in-flight entertainment system is running Red Hat Linux.
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I just hated Delta a little less
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Glass+iPhone users, as of XE16, are you unable to get data through tethering from your iPhone?

Since the update I have restarted both devices, repaired Glass and iPhone, and disabled/re enabled tethering on the phone.

On Glass all I ever see now is 'Bluetooth, no data'.

Prior to XE16 I never had an issue.

I'd send a vignette as a screenshot but... you know... no data.
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Same, no issues here!
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Ben Lang

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I have two twitter apps installed on my iPhone. Neither are capable of consistently giving me push notifications. And it drives me crazy.
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I have the opposite problem. Two of my Twitter accounts give me badge notifications even though I believe I have them off (that's what the UI seems to indicate). Since those accounts are busy novelty ones, it means I always have a 20 badge... makes it hard to find the mentions I care about.
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There couldn't be a nicer day to be on the farm. #throughglass
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Official Info on the XE 16.1 Bootloop Issue

For those with the bootloop issue in XE 16.1, Google is putting official updates in this thread over at the official Glass forum:

As of yesterday they paused the XE 16.1 update from rolling out. Currently they say they've identified the issue and are working on a fix. Those who have the bootloop issue are advised to contact Glass support directly here to have the issue fixed:

I'm on the phone with them now, I will update here if they have a resolution.

Edit: Done on the phone. No solution yet and they didn't provide any additional information... not sure why I was told to contact them.

Edit 2: I would recommend anyone else with the issue post a reply to the following thread so that Google can see how many people have been impacted:
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Thanks for the update! I was wondering why I hadn't received XE16.1 yet.
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Ben Lang

HELP!  - 
My Glass is in an infinite loop of booting and crashing. I've tried a hard reset (hold for 15 seconds), but to no avail. Any idea how I can get out of the loop?

I've tried disabling all of my Glassware but it hasn't helped.
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Hi everyone, thanks for letting us know. We suggest getting in contact with our support team if you're running into this issue:
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Facebook iOS app bugged the hell out of me to download their Messenger app. I finally caved, and now they're bugging the hell out of me to invite my friends.
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GameFace Labs Has the First VR Headset on the Block with a 2.5K Display—And It’s Mobile

GameFace Labs may very well be the furthest along in the quest to create a mobile VR headset. Based on Android, GameFace Labs has been working hard to iterate on their prototypes, their latest is the first VR headset (mobile or tethered) to include a 2.5K display, with 78% more pixels than 1080p based VR headsets like the Oculus Rift DK2. And they’ve got even more surprises up their sleeve.
GameFace Labs is creating a mobile VR headset based on Android and recently upgraded their prototype to feature a 2.5K (1440p) display and soon, Nvidia K1.
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