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Locals! Anyone looking for a place to live near Alewife this fall? Ideal housemates queer friendly, like to cook, enjoy modernist furniture.

Hi folks! Anyone need a twin bed? I've got a mattress and box spring, around five years old, used but clean, that could be yours! I'll gladly help you get it onto/into your vehicle!

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Hopping on this train: want to explore my self-awareness with me?

Friends! Nearby ones, at least. Do you have any use for a lot of brown paper bags? We've built up quite a surplus, and I'd rather see them re-used if possible. Let me know! Tell your friends!

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Via +Eric Willisson , and likely of great amusement to +Andrew Wilkins (among others). What a disaster.

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Attention +Devin Willmott et al.
I missed this news from a couple of weeks ago. This, in turn, means that Netflix could soon be available on Linux systems. 

Wow. Google+ went from being a vague, mostly-useless tool to a terrible, poorly-designed, wrath-inducing mess this morning. Turning on "instant upload" without my consent? Not cool. Very not cool. And designing your main page with infinite scroll so that it's impossible to view your footer? That's just amateur web design. Come on, Google. You can do better.

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My contribution to the flood of pastels, pinks and reds. Happy Valentine's day, all!

Here is the artist's tumblr:
thanks +Will Carter for pointing it out. Also... here is his G+ profile, +Ben Kling (but he hasn't posted since November, soo...)
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