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Amusingly, Google loses partnership in Logitech in tv arena. But they themselves need to actually work in hardware design. That will make it a lot better for their push.

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I totally agree with Gruber's rant about Microsoft.

The problem with underestimating Microsoft, though, is just its sheer size. While it's underwhelming you in one area, it's doing Xbox Kinect in the other.

It's tough to make Microsoft an interesting consumer company, but it still is dominant. Of course, back in 1987 I thought Apple was going to be dominant too. Gruber's right, Apple had a HUGE lead back then and squandered it, right to the point of bankruptcy.

Dad's company just released a new version of the M-Turbo. It's pretty sweet technology considering that ultrasound machines (the big kind) cost in the six figure range and portable ones are in the five. What's even more interesting is that all the major medical fields have started to do their own "portables" even though dad was the one that started it all.

What can I say... my dad is... awesome.

Funny.... I'm reading about +Robert Scoble pimping Rackspace and how someone had GoDaddy issues. However, running a business on Rackspace Cloud, we actually switched "OFF" it, because the service was horrid. We would tell them there was an issue, and we knew what it was, but they wouldn't get back to us for two to three days. In the end, we wound up fixing their issues for them by telling them how to fix it and why it was screwed up.

That grew old very quick. We went to a cheaper service where the service was okay, but the price was a lot better. And I'll point out that GoDaddy actually does respond in customer service a lot quicker than any sort of "fanatical support" that we ever got.

Maybe it's better now, but I can say that when we had it (when it was Mosso, then changed their name to Rackspace Cloud), I wouldn't have touched it with a 10 foot pole even though there was a lot of good things said about it then. It still leaves a bad taste in my mouth now whenever I think about it.

Don't know if that Warren Buffett Congressional Reform Act is actually true or not, but if it is, it's a good idea. It's not like half the laws that are enacted actually do anything when they're so vaguely drawn up. It only helps people take advantage of the system even more, and those Congressional people need to get the serious "dump" when things aren't doing well. You represent the good ol' U.S. of A. Quit acting like you're entitled to those seats and "represent".

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Did you know that Google+ on Android weighs in at 24M+, which is one of the heftiest Android apps ever? I had to delete it from my Droid because of space issues. No other social media type application comes even close. The next largest one is a movie database app at 14M. Makes you wonder whether or not Google engineers are bothering to optimize their apps.

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Not mine... found it on Facebook. BUT... this is so far the best qualification of the whole "Occupy Together" movement. Everyone struggles, everyone goes and gets stuff done. You have to work, and work hard, you must. There are some that have the luck of the draw, and right timing to get to where they are. Some others are born into it. And of course there's always the bad apples that cheat their way to the goal. BUT....

The brilliance of this country is the fact that you can be on the bottom and make it to the top. It's happened for many, and it'll continue to happen. That's what makes this country great.

This is an awesome line by someone that actually understands that concept, instead of protesting Wall Street which just follows the regulations of politicians. If you don't like what's going on, then quit voting people that don't understand law and legal and get people that actually do something about things.

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I'm curious whether or not they're actually counting the fake accounts. Just by my measly G+ account, I know I've seen multiple adds by completely fake G+ accounts. Which makes you wonder if the numbers are a bit.... skewed just as Twitter is.
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